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Baby is in prime position. Head down, no longer posterior. I drop even lower every day. I also lost my plug earlier today in a big huge glob. So I must be dilating even more now. The contractions are still coming. I'm rocking in a rocking chair for a bit checking email on phone until I lanolize wool covers and vacuum the car. When rocking the contractions are much stronger or when I'm putting away laundry. I will finish that after my kids nap time.
OK so you'd think I was a first timer here...but alas, I'm not. I'm on kid 3. I have this MO where I'm in early labor for 2.5-3 weeks then BAM baby. So I'm at 2.5 weeks now with it. Time-able, strong contractions every 5 minutes or closer together depending on what's going on. They get more intense as I am up and about...I rarely am lying down except to attempt to sleep. I eat and drink and they are still there....   So I got sent home from L&D last night for failure...
Ditto! I even had a trip to L&D yesterday because I was in such a good labor pattern. Then I stalled...not sure if it was the atmosphere or what..
I've been in the prodromal labor for 2.5 weeks and yesterday was in a good labor patter for hours and even went to L&D where I was sent home due to failure to progress...ugh...I would think I would've figured it out by now. 
ditto! It's insane. I've been in early labor for 2.5 weeks now and I usually only do it for about 3 weeks max before baby shows up...
Here's hoping! I am having so many strong contractions it's unbelievable. I'm using the toilet like it's going out of style and it is just crazy! It shall be interesting to say the least. We still need a name. Ugh
oh yes I know it doesn't mean much being a cm dilated. It's just crazy that I'm already so thin and mushy etc. I was just surprised. Also knew that about all women having had a babe before vaginally automatically being 1 due to the cervix never completely closing again....
So I had my 36 week apt with my MW today. I had the GB test done and while my pants were off she checked me. Well, wasn't I surprised to find out that my cervix is super thin and I'm already at a 1!!!  WOAH! Now DH and are really convinced this kid will make an earlier than anticipated arrival.  I have SO much lower cervical pressure. The MW said if she had wanted to, she could've felt the babies head.... Now I need to not have the baby from Jan 7-10 because DH is on...
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