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Only worry if he's 2 and not waving and all that stuff. Oftentimes when kids are early in the toddling/physical stuff they tend to be slower with verbal communication.
I am intrigued!!
You may be prego ! keep us posted
Hang tight!
My first husband had that. He was totally fine and had no issues. Perhaps a tad self conscious in puberty but that was it. Nothing major to worry about. He had no issues with anything....
I think the evaluation is more for his current teachers more than anything. Good times.
OK. So my question is if my son is gifted? I'll give some family history and some of his history and if you could let me know what you think that would be great! I'm trying to get some resources as I'm feeling a bit isolated and it's hard to talk to normal parents about it kwim?   Family history: My father is gifted: he went to 1st grade when he was 4 and graduated at the top of his class his entire academic career. He graduated at the top of his field in medicine in...
Keep us posted!
Cute! I found that the going outside like a dog only truly lasted for a month or so. The novelty wears off.
You could probably test anytime. Wednesday would probably be ideal though. :-) Curious over here too!
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