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Yes trust your body! It is the best thing to do, especially while pregnant/post partum and nursing. Also you may be reaching for those things because you aren't resting enough. So sit down, drink some tea and just be easier said than done. Perhaps have family meditation time where everyone gathers and tries to meditate for 5 minutes, going up to 20?
I've washed many a cloth diaper and pads in a front loader with great success. Currently I have a top loader but I miss the front loader. When my machine goes i will be getting front loaders again
We definitely reward good behavior. We will let him watch a tv program (98% of the time there is no tv watching at all), pick a special treat or quality time with dh and I without the siblings and just say things like, "thanks for being such a big helper, handling that situation well etc). The behaviors are always worse if any of the previous list is occurring. Tiredness, hunger etc. I spoke with his teacher and we had a nice chat about everything. A lot of it is...
thanks for the input. I appreciate it.
I am in desperate need of some advice, help. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do or where to go for input. So I'm throwing a shout out to you for any insight you may have. My eldest son Alex just turned 4 on March 13. He's a bright, fun and wonderful kid except: we've been having major behavioral issues for over 6 months now. I thought it was just typical "3" stuff, but am now becoming much more concerned... He's been hitting, being mean, obstinate and...
Hello Dr. Sears, I have a very bright 4 year old boy who we've been having a lot of trouble with for over 6 months. He's even having difficulty in his new pre-school. I am very concerned and need some assistance. For about 6 months we've had problems with general obstinate behavior (I can't pick up my toys! I'm broken!), hitting, meanness and not listening. At first we thought it was typical "3" stuff but now he's 4 (as of March 13) and it's getting worse, not better....
Ds1 first month of trying. Ds2 happened the month following an early mc. I showed no signs of ovulation. Ds3 we dtd 8 days before ovulating and still got pregnant with a boy. Wednesday I'm getting the paraguard bc dh says he's done. I will laugh when we get pregnant in 3 yrs again while using the iud. Lol
I was on pills for 10 years. DH and I wanted to get prego with DS1 and wham! First try!
Some food for thought as well, I have heard from several sources that a family of say 5 was "done" had some permanent birth control and then the rest of the family was killed in a car accident or other freak accident leaving one survivor. The survivor always "regretted" having the permanent done (if that was the survivor) due to the fact that there was no way of having more kids after that. Or at least much more difficult. They didn't want to replace their previous...
have you considered raw dairy rather than pasteurized? might be reacting to lactose/casein (all that's left when pasteurized). many people who are dairy intolerant can do raw dairy due to the natural enzymes and pre/probiotics that aid in the proper digestion and assimilation of the largest molecules in the milk (casein and lactose)
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