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congrats! so sweet
Congrats! Glad to hear all went well
labor vibes to all of you still waiting! those last weeks are the worst...especially when you're "overdue"  
oh yes and give them tons of elderberry syrup!!!
ugh. That's the worst. Just hang tight. Up your probiotics, vit c and vit d. Also take loads of elderberry syrup (give that to your DD as well).    Just nurse that baby  once it's born. Your DD won't be contagious when on antibiotics for 24 hours. Same as you, if you develop it.    My DS had strep for the first time for Xmas and no one else got it. We got lucky!
Many hugs to all of you! I hope that your induction goes well tropicalfever.
Congrats! What a wild ride!! Literally
Yes! Do that ultrasound! I can't believe the mw missed that. They are supposed to check those things carefully. Plan on resting a ton as well!! Xo
HUGS mama! Nurse and hydrate and lie down with that new babe. Also, drink mothers nursing tea - 4-5 cups a day. Also, oatmeal and a guiness beer (the darker the better). That will help with milk supply and anxiety ;-) plus do it before bed and babe will sleep all the better.
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