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don't you hate it when you're on the cusp of something truly exciting?  I just cleaned my kitchen and have been having some ctx but nothing too major........wondering if this will be the calm before the storm.  When I move I feel them more but can tune them out and when I'm sitting I feel them a bit more.  Not sure what's what....Best of luck to you mama!  Hope work stays calm for you!!!!    
odd.  Did a lot of walking today and when I got home at 4.30 this afternoon needed a nap.  So I slept for 30 min and made dinner, fed my toddler and hubby, ate a bit myself but wasn't that hungry.  Did some baby positioning things for an hour just to make sure his head was lined up and to help him get into an optimal position.  Seems to have worked.  Went to bed early and woke up at 2 to use the bathroom but got up at 3 for real because I feel totally rested and...
totally exciting!!!  speedy vibes to you mama  
feel better insomniac buddy! :)  only I'm totally rested.......odd I know......  
congrats mama! heal well and quickly
omg yes!  Today @ the mall this woman says to me - you are due any day right?  I was like - yea in a matter of speaking I am........she then says, any day now!  Not sure how she knew but we were at the mall walking because my labor totally stalled out yesterday....... I wish they told us what they saw
funny you said that as I was just reading the belly mapping page on spinning babies.  The babe is head down, LOA.  His back is on the left and I get kicked on the right and it was on the left that I've heard the heartbeat....   so....what else could be holding things up?  so frustrating when things stall out ya know?
hmmm lots to think about.  How would I know if he's posterior?  My MW haven't said anything in regards to position other than he seems to be in a good position thus far?
awesome thanks so much!  not much in the way of ctx today though sigh...........can I try I try it without the ctx? will it still be effective?
would love to take a peak at that link! thanks so much for sending it when you have a chance!   So glad to hear I'm not the only one! so miserable...
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