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we made sure we were out for the entire morning walking around, running errands, playing outside etc.  Making some RRL tea now.  I've been drinking it a bit and will drink even more.  I actually don't mind the taste at all.  I got a great batch of the leaves from frontier.  :)  So we shall see...will keep you all posted and let me know if there's anything else I can possibly do to make things happen once they get started! thx
Yesterday I was totally in early labor for like 10 hours if not longer.  I was having regular, hard ctx every 10-15 min that felt like a huge painful rubber band was constricting me all the way around - back, front, top, bottom.  I have had a back ache for 3 days...not hungry and forced myself to eat a little bit - more loose poo (oh fun!) felt sick etc.  The whole kit and kaboodle.  I was literally sitting/walking and rocking back and forth and just breathing through...
mine is gone - just finished losing the last of it after being in early labor yesterday...no baby yet!
I did somehow manage to not go into labor on my bday!  today - I'm not so sure...major wrap around contractions that are becoming more regular - like 10-15 minutes apart on avg.  Also more achy back (which has been consistent for 2 days) and I'm hoping and telling myself it's gotta happen now!!!
congrats mama! :)
congrats! and good for you for sticking to your guns even when you were told different things!!! you are an inspiration to us all :-)
best of luck mama! that is the worst ever!!!!!!!!!!  Hopefully you'll get what you need sooner rather than later though.  Such a tough waiting game at the best of times...
congrats mama! welcome to the world little one!
so glad the MW thing got taken care of and that you are feeling much more settled.  So reassuring to have that happen!    My contractions are hurting more and more and my hips feel like they are falling off every time I move.  ugh!  The baby has dropped even lower into my pelvis - I wasn't sure that was humanely possible without the babe falling out.  Who knows maybe he'll fall out now rather than waiting.  The only thing is - tomorrow is my bday and I would prefer...
that's hysterical!  I also am a teacher - really a musician who teaches as well :) lol we shall see when this kid happens!  I'll probably end up having the baby on my birthday tomorrow because I don't want to share. lol
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