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ugh mama!  I would be so obnoxious with that rule!  especially after waiting for such a long time.  poor you!   Luckily we did get busy last night and it was fun! :)  funny how that works right?!  You complain about it and then wham it happens.  lol  Woke up still pregnant too lol   are we all getting excited for our  new arrivals?  How bad is it that I want this baby to come so I don't have to go to work next week?  oh I am so bad    
we've kind of talked about it.  He's not afraid of being a father, as he already is one to a wonderful 2 year old and knows the drill and routine - he's much more relaxed about this entire pregnancy and birth actually, probably because he has more of a clue this time around and feel more comfortable overall.  I'm hoping I can proposition him tonight - I've been totally nesting ALL day.  Vacuumed the ENTIRE house and mopped it, plus cooked and did 4+ loads of laundry and...
it's like he's totally paranoid that if we have sex I'll go into real labor like 30 seconds later.  Like I told him, if the baby isn't cooked to completion, it won't happen. duh!
is my hubby being an idiot?  I am 37 weeks and have loads of labor is coming soon signs and symptoms now for like a week.  (I've posted on here about them already) and he's being a total idiot about it!  I asked him to donate some prostiglandins to the cause and he's being a total dick about it and not doing a damn thing!  Because for HIM it's too early.  WTF?!  We haven't gotten busy in like a month and it's starting to piss me off - ok so I'm already a hormonal...
congrats mama!  :) very nice and quick! :)
I made it to 37 weeks!  phew!  now it's the waiting game.  So here is my question... lots of discharge of the mucusy (is that a word) but with no blood as of yet.  I know it's my plug.  Will I have bloody show before labor or not? Lots of contractions with period like feelings of tightening around my lower abs and wrapping around, plus a new sensation of lower back ache.  They'll be in a pattern for a while, then stop for a bit, then resume.  Does this mean that...
he's beautiful mama!  :) you should be so proud to have pushed out such a big beautiful boy! congrats!  
funny because I dropped early with my 1st and now with #2 he's already dropped - which I wasn't expecting so soon.  Given I'm like 3 days from term...so, may have an earlier babe...who knows!?
good luck and it's totally a super moon!!!  at least one of us is bound to have a baby within the next 3 days! :)
the bright side is that you will have a beautiful baby in your arms sooner than you realize!  It is so challenging when you aren't able to have the experience you were hoping for.  All the best and I hope things go ok for you!
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