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My husbands grandmother ( who formula fed all 7of her kids) got into an argument with me when my daughter was 3 months about how inappropriate it was to nurse her in public. I defended my right to feed my newborn where ever and when ever ( I usually just closed my mouth when she told me something stupid, trying to be respectful) and I didn't back down, no matter how many times or different ways she tried to say it. She finally ended up banging her fists on the table,...
I actually get more than the three I chose, but listed the top three. I also have a general "knowing that I am pregnant even before signs show up. I can't explain it, but I just know I am pregnant very soon after conception. My symptoms show up about a week to four days before i miss my period.
I'm joining! I have a TINY cottage and I'm loosing my mind with lack of space. I got rid of a lot of stuff before the holidays but I have so much more to go! My new year's resolution is actually to get rid of 5 things a week, but this will inspire me to do more than that.
Thanks! That is very helpful :)
Does anyone know what the deal is with religious exemptions in R.I.? Do any of you use the medical exemption? Do you need to give info about what religion you practice?
I had no luck myself, so I ended up having a homebirth. I only had one c-sec though. Are you open to that possibility? Also, I discovered that Pawtucket Memorial Hospital (might just be called Memorial now, not sure) is the best kept secret in R.I. for natural childbirth and I think better about vbac than most places. Woman and infants is awful vbac-wise in my opinion. I can't remember the midwife I spoke to from there, it will come to me though. I'll get back to you...
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