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Thanks ladies...I really needed to get that out! I've read a ton over the last year as I was seriously considering going back to school for midwifery. I also have a close friend who is a home birth midwife and for some reason I still have a weird feeling about it all. I don't know if it is the fear of the unknown...and let me add...I wasn't a worrier with my last pregnancies, I was fearless. This time, I'm just as excited, perhaps not more but I have this daunting...
Should that read "thread"? :-)
I just started prenatal yoga and I cannot express what a wonderful experience it was! So nice to be around other pregnant moms, a wonderful supportive, interactive and humorous teacher to keep you engaged and focused. My body felt relaxed and all my muscles loose and happy. :-)
I had two healthy babies in a birth center and hospital. I am planning my 3rd at home and most of the time I am excited and proud to be doing so but others I get really worried and have a daunting feeling it isn't the right choice. Ive even looked at local hospitals (no birth centers where I live now) and that freaks me out even more. Im feeling very torn at times and Im wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing.   *Due September 19th.
We waited to tell the kids until last week (10 weeks) and I almost waited longer but it is getting really obvious. (Third babies really do pop fast!) My kids are 9 and 14!  I didn't want to tell them too early in case I lost the pregnancy. Being that they are older I didn't want them to have to worry or grieve unnecessarily. But now that they know my daughter, 9, is thrilled and wants to be at the birth. She has her nose stuck in a name book and is asking a million...
Oh man, me too. Right now I just look thick as a brick! Not at all this cute round little bump...just thick right through the WHOLE middle! Fitting in some of the smaller banded maternity stuff and none of my pants at all. This is my 3rd baby and both of my other kids I didnt show till I was 5 months. What a change, but Im also a bit older and a bit heavier than I was then! :-)
oh FUN! I havent taken any pics yet but I can tell ya I dont fit in ANY of my pants anymore! Thankfully I have some great girlfriends who have showered me with maternity clothes or just some pants a size up! I will try to post soon! :)
I'm not too worried about it but I was curious if anyone else felt this phantom "cell phone" from within! :) Its so odd! It happens ALL day long. A couple of times an hour. Ive felt movement once already and to double check I wasn't losing my mind I found some great clips on youtube of ultra sounds at 11 weeks with the babies doing gymnastics in there! Gas can feel like kicking too, that I know, but the buzzing....now that's new! :) How fun is this!
Hi! My name is Debi, 3rd baby, Due September 19th!
I know this sounds nuts but Ive been feeling my uterus vibrate. I feel like I have a cell phone texting me about where my left ovary is! I read about this online last night that some women experience this when the expanding uterus presses on a nerve. However, when I asked one of the obgyns I work with about this he looked at me like I had 2 heads! This is my 3rd baby (11weeks!) and I don't recall ever feeling this before...anyone else have these as well?
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