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Things I'm doing: Staying Active-walking and swimming Evening Primrose Oil-ripening of cervix RRL Tea-strengthening the uterus Pressure Points Chiropractor Spicy Food sex bumpy car ride     Things I haven't tried yet but hear can work: I wouldn't recommend the first two unless you are well past 40 weeks. Both can be very strong! Ive never used either myself but I know folks who have had success but it was a hard ride. Castor Oil Blue Cohosh or...
Congrats Cathy!!! Thanks for sharing your story and Im so very happy DH got to be there to see the birth of his precious girl!!! Enjoy!!! :-)
Here is a blog that I tune into through FB. It can be a bit controversial at times, but over all it's a good resource for those of us who insist on trusting our bodies and having our babies naturally!   http://birthwithoutfearblog.com/2011/02/26/waiting-not-inducing/   Here is the mantra she wrote on waiting in the blog in case the link does work....   I am on the outside with exhausting thoughts and emotions. With aches and pains that bring me to tears....
I do terrible on hormonal birth control. Ive tried about everything. I can say that personally I believe the Depo Vera shot is from the devil! Stay away from that if your life depends on it. As far as the other options I think its how our body handles it. Sounds like a lot of you ladies did fine on the copper IUD but it was awful for me  because my periods became severe. As in, how can I bleed this much and not pass out. Long and heavy. I even bled when my MW took it out...
LMAO! That's great! Reminds me of the gorillas at the Rainforest Cafe! Hahah! Maybe he was..uhm...premature! BAW HAW! Im awful. I know. Warm place by the fire for me!  
  You only get up twice to go to the bathroom?! LUCKY! Im up every two hours! lol! So...do tell. What does "having a hard time" getting acquainted entail. LMAO! That sounds really funny. Maybe not to you at 2am, sorry...but Im giggling over that. ;-)            
No Harvest Moon baby for me! But the good news is that I slept like a brick last night. Well, in between getting up to pee of course. I actually feel rested for once. I guess all that walking I did yesterday had a good outcome after all! Im not even going to bother paying attention to contractions or cramps until they get to a point where I NEED to. And yeah, thats what the baby will be born spontaneously on the sidewalk. LOL! At least Im laughing today...sigh. Have a...
YAY!!!! What a gorgeous baby!!! And on the Harvest Moon!!! CONGRATS!!!! Im so happy for you!!! :-)
Happy Monkey----> THANK YOU! :-)   Olliemama...you go Mama!!! WOOHOO!!!
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