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Hey! Sounds like you are pretty much all set to go I have a post on my blog (which has fallen by the way, way, way side... but I think there is still a link under my profile here :P) about "shady seed starting" if you would like to see photos of what I do. I use plain old shop lights, heating pads and old mirrors in our *cold* basement. Our system has worked so far every year Good luck and let us know what you grew!
Valencia; I have no more advice for you, but could not read and not comment. I can completely understand. Please know, you are not alone and we are all here to listen anytime. :
Not me, but my SIL lives in Telford and is super active. I will send her over here! Good luck on with your marathon!!
What a fun thread! I used to have an awesome 1950's kitchen in my old house, and I really miss it. Our current kitchen is lovely 1972 particle board, fake brass and ugly gold/white "marble" formica. It used to have black trim, brown panneling and very dark green walls with an ivy wall paper "chair rail". We painted the walls yellow like Sunflower's kitchen, the trim and panneling white. While it is not what I would want, it is so much better! Our accessories are...
Hey therdogg... I am in the area and have a son with an ASD dx. There is a HUGE wait list for initial services. We waited almost a year for an inital consultation. We chose to go to Danville rather than Scranton for services (even though Scranton is a little closer for us). There are a few highly recommended providers in the geisinger network... when I get home I can provide the info for you. Forgive me though, I am not on MDC as much as I was when the kids were...
He does, I don't always. On the weekends I work with a nursery & landscape crew... it only took one time of smashing my hand and having problems getting the ring off to make me stop wearing it. I try to remember to put it back on on Monday before my office job, but I frequently forget. It's no big deal, I will always have that little dent and tan line there
I second Owen'nZoe. Old House Gardens is my very favorite
Hello and welcome to the area! Laurice and her associates were my midwives for both of my births. I liked Laurice a lot. Dunno about the ped... sorry Did you check out the LV LLL? They have a website with the updated info for contacts (I am pretty sure my info is all way outdated!), and when I was a member we did tons of fun stuff with the playgroup. HTH
Yes! There are plants that will grow in your zone in the shade. If you can give us some more details as to what sorts of things you were thinking, we can give you a list. For example, are you looking for foliage, flowers, or edibles? Natives? Landscaping?
We live in a small town where the chance of running into a teacher outside of school is very high. In school and at school functions I call them all Mr/s Lastname. Outside of school (soccer, grocery store, etc) I use first names, but I expect the kids to use Mr/s Lastname as they would any other adult outside of close friends and family. The teachers all do the same.
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