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My son does that too. When he was very small (before the dx) and I asked the ped about it, he said it was a form of stuttering.
I'm here too... I think we might have almost finished the last of the peas at long last! Yesterday I picked the first three small zuchinni and a few more peas, threw them in a stir fry... yum! I only have made one batch of jam, have one gallon of frozen black berries and one gallon of peas to show so far for the year :. It's been a long, damp, cool summer so far. I am worrying a lot about blight. A lot of the farms around here got it. My tomatoes look a little...
Hey y'all. I haven't been in years (pre kids... my oldest is now 11), but we used to volunteer. We never paid! I think we did that for... um... 5 years? Dh & I know a few of the Living Space folks (sort of second hand through other friends... like 2 degrees of seperation) I imagine with a big group like that it would be fine, but I would never attempt to take the family "alone"! Plus, DS really dislikes crowds and noise, so that would just be a disaster. Sunanthem,...
I grew up in S. NJ (Hey mamainthepines! I'm a Piney too!). My mother still lives down there, as does my uncle & his wife. My aunt works for one of the big casinos. Mother lives in May's Landing, which is a nice small community with lots of kids. It has a more "rural" feel (she lives onthe edge of town) but is close to everything. My aunt and uncle live in Absecon, where a lot of casino workers live. It's very nice there. Egg harbor is nice too... and I love Cape...
Do you mean designs for the house (tumbleweed homes) or interior decorating?
I never used bleach either. I grew them two years ago and they are still in the basement I would love to see what other people have done with them.
I am in z5 too You can plant; dwarf snap beans, beets, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, kale, collards, mustard greens, leaf lettuce, and turnips
I would get a perm from the beauty school near me if I felt the urge to (or get it colored). I already go there to get my hair cut all the time, and they usually do a good job. In the 3 years I have been going there, I have had only one bad cut. Even then, when I went back the instructor fixed it. While it was shorter than I would have ever gotten, it was cute and I got a coupon for the next cut.
I have not used liquid soap to replace the bar soap, but I have used other bar soap instead of FN. I think that I read somewhere that as long as the bar is not anti-bacterial it's ok. I usually use Ivory. HTH a little
Excellent post, Lazy Gardens! My scuffle hoe just might be my favorite gardening tool. I use it (well, the generic brand, not the name brand, and just the plain glyphosate) on poison ivy. If you are worried about killing non-weeds with it, just use the "glove of death". Check out this article that explains how to use it responsibly and the "pros & cons". HTH!
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