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That sucks! I am so sorry to hear that Hopefully someone will know the answer to your potato question. I admit to being pretty worried about this. You are not too far from us, really, and we have had a lot of warnings from neighboring counties here in PA too.
I think the main "danger" is something digging it up or the bulb rotting, or the bulb not having that cold time to "reset" itself. I have transplanted/planted all kinds of stuff that was not supposed to be moved/planted at that time, and it all manages alright. Last year I was given a ton of hyacynths in August. I planted them when I had the time (two days later) and they all came up this spring. I would have held them if I thought I would remember to plant them...
Asperger's, anxiety, sensory issues, social anxiety (and normal to gifted IQ) all go hand in hand. I have heard a lot of people were misdiagnosed with ADD when they really had/have AS. There are a lot of really good books out there that break each item down and explain it much better than I would. Here are a few; The complete guide to Asperger's syndrome by Tony Attwood Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger's, Tourette's, bipolar, and more! by M Kutscher...
Pick them off and squish them or put them in a jar (or bucket) of soapy water. It is time consuming and a little gross, but it works. Be sure you scrape the eggs off the bottoms of the leaves too. The beetle traps work in a way... they call all the neighborhood beetles to your yard! If you use one, put it far, far away from your own garden. Good luck
BTW... we have two acres and only about 600 square feet of garden. That provides us (four people) with almost all the tomato sauce and jam we need for a year, plus puts a big dent in our other veggie useage
Hi! I am in PA too, and we lived in MontCo for a long time. You are so lucky to live in a warmer area of PA. Make sure you check with your local zoning officers before you get any live stock. A lot of places you need an acre per large animal aside from where your home, barn and garden is. Quite a few more suburban areas have restrictions on how many chickens you can have, if any. It would be a shame to go through the work only to be told you cannot have the...
I am sorry you are so frustrated Lindsay. It will get easier, I promise! I am still picking peas. It's mid July, and I am picking peas. And black raspberries. But we got just about zero strawberries from our little patch and just a handfull of blueberries. How weird. Hopefully soon I will have some photos of my florida weave tomatoes, they look really good IMHO
Oh Lanna . First, congratulations!! Second, I am so sorry for your DH. That really, really sucks. I hope and pray that everything will turn out alright for you. Is there anyway you can sell some of your garden produce or the stuff you have put up?
Most y'all know the drill by now... Last month's thread Hoping to get some more free time to hang out here with you ladies. Yesterday, I picked a pound of peas
How do you train zucchini? Since I have no idea how to do that (but would love to learn since mine also get crazy big!))... I would move the pepper to either over by the other two or put in in a pot. Peppers, IME, do well in pots. Your garden is super cute Steph
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