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I'm curious to see what kinds of responses you get, since I have been thinking the same thing! Everyone says to wait until at least 6 months but if your baby is showing signs of readiness at 5.5 months, are you disqualified from BLW if you offer food earlier?
Recommendations please! My LO is 3.5 months and we're not sure that a center is right for us.
Ah! BennyPai I see you've left us :-) Congrats!!! Hope to join you soon on "the other side"
Aw, man. I have been having BH and cramps for several weeks too but no real action yet. Today is the due date and I have a funny feeling it will pass by uneventfully. I guess I should start preparing myself to go over. BennyPai you are an inspiration! Even though you're complaining you still sound cool, calm, and collected. I hope I can maintain such an even keel! I'll probably end up being the last one standing...
Anybody else still hanging in there, still suffering from heartburn, still not sleeping, still waddling around?   My EDD is Dec. 30. Anyone else due this week?   Those of you who are past due - how's it going? Any action yet?   Sending baby dust to all!
LOL I am up at 2 am every morning too! What's that about?! I am really hoping little man decides to come early I don't know if I can make it until the 30th!
Phew, I passed! Good luck with your 3 hours, EuroMama! Fingers crossed for you.     You got to eat jelly beans?!?! That's awesome!! I was thinking how great it would have been to just have a pice of cake.    
I just did my one hour this morning and am really hoping I passed! I have heard that many women fail the 1 hour but are fine for the 3 hour so I wouldn't overly stress about it. When are you doing the 3 hour?
I was just thinking that we needed a positive pregnancy thread.   My hair and nails seem to be really nice and growing more quickly than usual. I agree that the kicks are fun except when they are straight onto the cervix or bladder... and why does he have to start up as soon as I lie down to go to sleep?! It's cute, though I'm not complaining
I finally have a belly photo to share! This is 27 weeks:
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