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^^ My thoughts exactly! 
Hello!  My EDD is April 5th and this will be #2
  Han Trio!
I couldn't read without posting, but I don't know what to say because I haven't been-there-done-that.  I don't think it's crazy to want a VBA2C&R. And my first thought on reading your story was that the induction probably contributed greatly to the rupture and if you avoid induction next time you might have success.  I hope you get some better responses. 
I had also been in labor for 34 hours when we decided on a c/s.  In our case it was a non-emergency c/s because my baby was stuck but not in distress.  They gave me a "spinal anesthesia" which is different than an epidural: it doesn't require a catheter and its effects come quicker but last for a shorter span of time.  They would've given me the general if the spinal hadn't worked.  I bet those stories you read were referring to spinals right before surgery, not...
pek64, savithny is talking about dihydrogen monoxide, not borax.   You give your children dihydrogen monoxide everyday. ... I hope!
 That pediatrician is a dingbat.  If you don't want to switch again, then stand up for yourself with research or just lie to get him/her off your back.  I wouldn't waste anymore milk on nutrition-less cereal. I hope you can find a LLL nearby!
If you have private health insurance, breast pump support and equipment are now 100% covered by your insurance, because of the new Health Care Act 
We had no problem with our drink-safe hose and filling the birth pool with hot water.    Maaaaaybe if your "houseboat or RV" was running hot water all. the. time.  ....But not for filling up a birth pool 1 or a few times. And Congrats!  I hope your birth goes swimmingly!
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