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1) How thoroughly are vaccinations tested on humans prior to being recommended? After understanding how Genetically Modified Organisms are handled/tested prior to being introduced into our food supply, I am curious how it is done for vaccines.   2) Why are vaccinations recommended for ALL kids, versus just ones that have weaker immune systems or are in an otherwise high-risk area/family/activity (like traveling)? There doesn't seem to be a way to truly eradicate a...
Thanks!   Is it something I can partially disassemble easily (to put in a suitcase for travel) and reassemble again? Doesn't have a big carbon footprint you mean? One of the main reasons I'm looking into it, that and it's fair trade, good quality and made in Maine! :)
I wanted to get my DD the stroller for upcoming Eid holiday but I wanted to know if the stroller was foldable? It seems like the type that would be but I wanted to make sure.. any owners know if it folds? http://www.novanatural.com/toys/doll-stroller   Thanks! :)
I know! I totally feel your pain! I'm going to buy these or something similar because the accidents are all the time now: http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/flip-trainer-video-and-review/ I don't want to put her back in diapers tho because I don't want to go backwards..  I've gone back to putting her on the potty every hour and that's decreasing the accidents but still hit & miss and she's still not verbal about it. I have no idea what else to do but wait.. *sigh!*
My almost-3 year old has been potty learning for about a year now. She showed all the signs of being ready (including dry at night! so much so that I would let her sleep in her underwear!) She was doing everything perfectly, rarely any accidents, pee and poo in the toilet, I thought she was set. Then she started regressing a bit, more accidents, and the went back. I've been trying to get her to get back to where she was before (telling me she has to pee, peeing in the...
My DD is almost 2 and the only way I've ever put her to sleep is via nursing. She also wakes up at night to nurse back to sleep. Any tips on how I can get this to stop?
Thanks for all the feedback everyone! :)
My DD is still 21 months but I'm starting to collect materials for waldorf homeschooling... does anyone have a list or recommended materials that I should start searching for?   Thanks!
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