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I am hoping for new ideas about keeping my 3yo son busy so I can help my 11mo son take his naps.  For a while I was able to set my 3yo up with books and a snack or a toy that we only play with when baby is sleeping or a new toy/activity but now he is not having any of it.  He throws a fit and starts screaming for snacks and a story and a jump in the bed and a whatever-he-can-think-of to keep me and my other son from disappearing into the bedroom.  If I can find a good...
Need some suggestions since we took down the crib we were using for storage.  I had previously been keeping the dirty diapers in a large wet bag in there out of the reach of my 3 year old and 8 month old.  Now I'm not sure where or how to store the stinkers before the wash.   Thanks for your ideas!
Lush makes great body lotion bars with all natural ingredients inculding coco butter and they smell great!  I gained a lot of weight with my first and had a huge belly with many stretch marks that are pretty light and not very noticeable now:)
whoo hoo, just found out on Monday that we're expecting our second.  Due at the end of January but I was 2 weeks late with my first.  Hopefully this little one has a calendar in there!  Couldn't resist spreading the news this time. Most of our family already knows.  Probably going to wait to tell our friends and co-workers but Facebook might make that a little hard to do.  Looking forward to comparing stories and sharing experiences:)
So I just found out I’m pregnant and we couldn’t be any happier!  My first is 20 months now and will hopefully be about 28 months when the baby is born.  I find myself with more worries about life with two than I had thinking about life with one.  I would love some feedback on a few things: 1 – My son is currently sleeping with me and nursing through the night.  I didn’t plan to move him out of my bed at least until he stopped nursing.  Is it crazy to think me and my 2...
My 19 month old son has also recently 'changed' a bit in this same way.  I'm still trying to find a way to react in order to minimize the frustration for all of us.  I really think it can be developmental.  My son seems to understand that he is his own little person and has choices.
We have filled up our first compost bin (purchased) and now we are putting everything in the garbage making it super stinky.  Aside from starting a new compost pile, any simple solutions to keep the kitchen garbage smelling better?
My son is 17mo, nurses usually only once during the day before his nap and then throughout the night when he wakes (usually about 3 times).  He only uses his pacifier for sleep when he doesn't doze off nursing.  I plan to nurse him until he doesn't need to anymore, should I use this approach with the pacifier also?  He has always used nursing and pacifiers differently so one doesn't necessarily take the place of the other.  There are times when he doesn't want to nurse...
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