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Congratulation BennyPai! Lady Scientist, I'm still here at 41 weeks 4 days. Due date was supposed to be 12/24, 12/26, 12/27. Pick a date. It changed depending on who you asked, and what the sonogram read. If I don't give birth naturally, spontaneously in the next three days, I'll be induced on Monday, January 9, 2012. At least it will be over, but I was hoping to work in concert- unassisted- with my little one.
I am supposedly at 41 weeks 4 days. I was hoping for a natural delivery out of the hospital, but that is looking less likely every second now. It is very frustrating and upsetting. The midwife is talking about having me induced in the hospital next Monday if I don't deliver over the weekend. Talk about stressful! If I don't do it on my own in the next three days, they are going in. Yeah! I really feel relaxed now.
How thoughtful. It must be really nice to live next to such considerate people. I hope you do go into labor (But only if Baby is ready!) and that everything goes smoothly. It is a small consolation that we are in the running for New Year's Day babies though!
But baby is a no show.    Well, here's wishing all a Merry Christmas! 
LOL. Thanks for the laugh, the pretzels flew out of my mouth and into my cup of water sitting on the desk. I haven't gotten desperate enough to try scare tactics on baby, but will keep it in mind. Still hoping and reasoning with baby to come out soon.  
I totally agree with Azadehhast! I had to check out his post, because I can't believe women are crazy enough to sing the praises of being pregnant. With all the symptoms women put up with, all the complaining, and tolerating, how are women going to betray themselves by remembering being pregnant as a rosy, glossy, glowing experience. I told my husband last night, if I say I missed being pregnant or enjoyed it I'm lying through my teeth and don't even know it. Let's keep...
CA County Girl: I remember very clearly my Dad telling me one day as a young child, "You are not white. You are not black. Don't let any one tell you you are black just because you are tan." With great pride and possibly some anger and resentment he continued, "If anyone asks what are you, you say 'I am Puerto Rican!' Because that is what we are. We are Puerto Rican, and Americans." He hates that fact that his birth certificate says he is white. That left a strong...
I was shocked the other day by our midwife who said the very same thing, "Mixed kids are so much cuter." I brushed it off in the office, because well I don't know how to respond to that statement. I guess they are. Does it really matter? Is this a statement of social acceptability now? I never considered myself mixed, or that I am in a mixed relationship. I grew up in a 100% Puerto Rican family. There was no white and black, though one side of my family is darker than...
Yes! I also wake up at 2 in the morning every night. I wonder why 2 am exactly, every night? And yes, I think- more like really, really, hope- I'll have more energy once the baby is born. Best wishes for a smooth Home Birth. I wanted one, but DH liked the "security" of a traditional setting. Our compromise- a Birthing Center. He's come around to since the beginning. I've told him #2 will be a Home Birth, no compromise.
Anyone else just want to delivery their baby already? I'm so ready to have my body all to myself again. I can't wait to see our new baby. I'm trying to sell baby on the idea of seeing the faces attached to his parents voices. I'm eager to see baby. Isn't baby eager to see me? So far, trying to coach him out to see all the wonders of the world isn't working. Every time he stretches, I tell  him there is a lot more room out here. But, baby is very comfortable where he is,...
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