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UPDATE   So the man informed me that he's coming on the 26th of this month, he said he was coming next month for DD's Easter break. So he's going to be here in 21 days. I cant get DD ready in 21 days even though she seems pretty calmed about it, well she probably is calm, and curios or I'm the one that is all nervous about it. The last time I saw him was in Feb 2006, 5 years ago. His last words to me were"go home" when I saw him with this other woman and now hes...
Its totally normal and it varies. DSS (7) he mixes Ukranian and English all the time, DD is 4 and she doesnt mix at all.
No involvement for 4 years, the reason?? He never knew I got pregnant, much less about DD's existance and now he found out about DD and wants contact. Do I want to?? Hell no I'm I stopping him? No, I cant.   I made a thread about it in personal growth.
My 9 year old DSS has done this, not often but he does it from time to time. He says he's dreaming he's peeing and he thinks that hes in the bathroom and just goes. SO told me he used to be a bedwetter as well so no worries there.
One of my friends told me to watch these, I'm just hooked, I mean it's disgusting but fascinating at the same time. We have seceral kiddie pageant shows in the UK too.   Baby Beauty Queens   They are disgustign as well, they are other vids on UK beauty pageants in youtube.
We live in London, the kids are 9 (almost 10), 7 and 4. DSS (9) is not allowed out of the borough we live in. But considering that it's big enough I think its perfectly fine. DSS 7 is not allowed to leave the area and DD is allowed to roam 3 blocks.  
I speak Spanish and Czech natively, and some Slovak thrown in the mix as well. I attended an English immersion until 8th grade. My parents were born in Czechoslovakia and they immigrated to Mexico when they were young so I was born and grew up as a Mexican. My SO is Ukranian, he's trilingual and speaks Ukranian, Russian and English.   My DSS's were born in Ukraine and when they moved to England with SO they were 6 and 3, they speak Ukranian and some Russian. My DD was...
Please add me to the Wanting but Waiting - A Little Bit Longer.   Hello mummies.   We have 3 kids in the house, SO has two boys from a pervious relationship and I have a DD. Ivan is turning 10 this month Viktor is 7 ( turning 8 in June) Romina is 4 (turning 5 in Sept)   We are getting married in October 2011, and I'm finishing my Masters May 2012 at the moment I'm not working and I'm dedicating myself to my masters and the kids. I dont really worry for...
We're not a birracial family really but multicultural at that. My SO is Ukranian and my DSS's were born in Ukraine. I'm Mexican born but my parents are Czech and Slovak. My DD was born in Mexico and her bio dad is Mexican, we live in England. If you mummies ever go to my house you will listen to a variety of languages, English, Spanish, Czech, Ukranian and some Russian here and there. We all look similar though.
My mum's a sociologist, she had several positions in a known University in my hometown. She had several high positions and I remember I barely saw her during that time, my grandparents moved to Mexico with us from the Czech Republic after my parents divorced to take care of me so I mostly raised by my grandparents. Then she became a teacher to spend more time with me, but she was miserable she missed her salary from back in the days.   She influenced me to become a...
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