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Hey you all long time no see x) i have now a facebook page called "2q32-2q33 microdeletion " for all of us ho have a child friend or other fam. Members ho have a rare syndrom and you can find me on facebook Camilla Pettersen from norway i made this facebook page becose of my son
Hey you all i have a page on facebook for all of us ho have one in ouer famely or friends with special needs i have a son with 2q32-2q33 microdeletion my facebook page is called the same as the syndrome and you can find me on facebook camilla pettersen im from norway hope to see you there
I have a facebook page called 2q32-2q33 microdeletion and you can find me on facebook my name is camilla pettersen and my son have this syndrom to he is 5y
so fun. I'm so glad I found you: D it has relieved the pressure in mychest. looking so forward to talking more with you both: D but theonly thing that is boring what is the time difference from the U.S. andhere in Norway? would be nice to chat with both of you:) hugs from arelieved mother in Norway <3 
Hello  It would be awesome if you had created a blog, it's sodisturbing to sit alone with my experiences. my son is 3 years and can not yet talk, walk or stand alone. I'm sitting with thousands of questions. it was great that you answered. Thank You   camilla pettersen  cp_882@hotmail.com Norway 
I have a son at age 3, he has a chromosome 2q32-2q33 deviations.I really want to get in touch with other parents who have children withthis chromosomal anomaly. I sit with 1,000 questions about my kid'sfuture. Doctors in Norway know very little about his disability and itmakes me frustrated, I've been through a lot of tears and frustrationand joy and good times. A lot of mixed feelings, I hope somebody in the same boat as me. I am a mother 23...
Hey I'm so glad that there are others out there who have children with the same chromosome abnormalities as my son. He is 36 months old and can not speak, he only makes noises but he makes himself understood. He eats a lot, more than me. doctors here in Norway know almost nothing about this error chromosome 2q32-2q33. so I'm sitting here with 1000 questions. There is no evidence of others here in Norway, with this type of disability. so that would be fun to have had...
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