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I had very low milk supply and after 3 months supplemented heavily with formula and my milk went to nothing in a hurry, I nursed my babe for 18 months total and he was very happy to comfort nurse at night in stead of bottles after 1 year.  Honestly he would be nursing still If I'd let him..he's 4.5 years!  Nursing is a lot about the nutrition and mostly about nourishing the relationship.  I encourage you to nurse as long as you both want to.  Milk or not, its an...
I had low milk supply and supplemented with friend's milk and had another friend comfort nurse while she was babysitting for us.  "It takes a tribe" and I am thankful to have such great friends.  I think its natural and convenient to share nursing as long as you are the primary.
Burlington/Lyons/Lake Geneva area.  SAHM ( massage therapist, doula, waldorfish...) of 2 kiddos 4.5 and 2 yrs.  Looking for other Mamas and kids to hang out with.  
I live between Burlington and Lake Geneva.  Been here for 4 years.  I see you are "northshore"... I used to Nanny in Shorewood on Lake and Jarvis.  I also see you are very active on here, do you know of any other Mothers around my area?  I have a tribe but the are spread far and wide.  It leaves little room for spontaneity.  
I know this is an old post of yours, but I'm looking to meet like minded Mamas too!  I'm a mom of  2 kiddos and we ( husband and I) practice AP and don't vaccinate and plan on homeschooling....we are not the norm in our families and are always happy to spend time similar folks.  Let me know if you are still interested.
Just wanted to put in a good word for my friend and midwife Deb Studey.  She is curently expanding her practice to the Burlington Wi and surrounding areas. She was my midwife for my 2 children and I can't say enough wonderful things about her.  My husband was against home birth and after 10 minutes in Deb's living room he was a supporter!  Anyone interested in more info please contact me!    
I'm a Mama to two wonderful kids 4 1/2 and almost 2.  I'm a birth doula, massage therapist and part time waldorf teacher.  I'm a home birther, breastfeeding, no vaccines kinda mom.  I'm looking for like minded Mamas and kids for playdates and more.  Interest in homeschooling is a plus!    
HEllo, Where in Southern WI are you?  I'm just outside of Burlington.  I'm looking for more Mama friends in the area.  I have a 4 1/2 and an almost 2 year old.    
We are in the Burlington area of WI and our 4 1/2 and 20 mo. have had no vaccines.  We've had very supportive Dr.s and I have a like minded group of moms around me who have chosen similarly for their children!  Do not back down on your priorities!  These are our children.  We are the parents and we know best!   Love going out to all the Mamas!   Tarcy
We do not follow the rules and it works great for us.  I swore I would never co-sleep with my infant.....first night I fell asleep nursing him and we have been dedicated co-sleepers ever since.  We use pillows, blankets and babe is between Mom and Dad.  I even put a heavy, but small Buckwheat Hull pillow between baby and Dad, with Baby cradled in my arm.  Dad would bump the pillow and be wide awake.  I have a 4 1/2 year old and a 21 mo. old.  We co-slept with both but...
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