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      Joshua's just 3 months old...Dad's helping him out a little for his internet debut.
(rethought entry :))
Well, thank you, and thank you for the suggestion! Given the particularities of my situation, I got established with East Cascades Women's Group, and so far, so good...but I will have to check Motherwise out, they look like a really nice group.   Love your kids' names!
* Name: chicory blue * EDD:09/09/2011 * Age: 38 * Location: Bend, Oregon * How long it took to you to get your BFP: 2 cycles * What number child is this for you: 1 * Family (partner, other children, and/or furbabies): super excited DH, fluffy cat bored by the whole thing * Birth plans/preferences: OB at the local hospital * Anything else you'd like to share: terrified and excited...growing into it  
Cool thread!   I have had 2 baby dreams...in the first, my husband and I were in bed in a hotel room, and I told him to put the baby in the other room so we could have sex...the little one was walking and I could just see it's head over the edge of the bed (you can guess what our love life has been like these last few weeks...)   In the second, I had to explain to a cop that I was pregnant, in a desperate attempt to get him to let me off...not so weird, but...
Hi ladies! New to Central Oregon and new to the idea of being a mom...just about to wrap up the first trimester and starting to feel like it's time to find some community. I might even go to a prenatal yoga class next week. Any suggestions?
NOS means new old stock when you're on ebay looking for parts for your classic car. It means the item is in original packaging, but has been on the shelf since your vehicle was new, and that's about how I feel...first time to this rodeo, after riding the footloose and fancy-free circuit for 38 years...and for the whole first trimester I've had a hard time admitting that it is actually happening to me. Even though we talked about it, wanted it, and did it on...
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