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I have three boys, and I totally want a girl! But, that doesn't mean I wouldn't welcome another boy. This is my last, so I can't help but be hopeful for a girl.    We posted on FB on April Fool's Day. I posted a little pic that said, "We're Not Pregnant! -- Happy April Fools!)... I thought it would be clever to post our actual announcement on the day that everyone posts their fake pregnancy announcements. Some people didn't get it though, lol. 
I WISH I was a CA mom! My DH is from the Bay Area, and we like to visit as often as we can :)
Oh, how frustrating! It sounds like you have a son from a different father, that is not circumsized, and I think that may be one of your selling points (plus another that I will mention). Having one boy get it and one boy not might instill confusion, jealousy, etc in one or the other. I also think the point of circ-ing is not "the norm" any more is a big deal.    Maybe you could compromise and tell him that he can get circ'd when he's older if he wants to (like 16-18),...
 I also have a Sebastian and also still in love with the name :) He fits it so well, and is super handsome! I can't imagine a not-handsome Sebastian ever existing! We also get compliments on his name all the time <3 
I don't have a photo, but I am apparently big enough at 12 weeks that someone noticed that I'm pregnant a couple days ago! I haven't told anyone besides close friends and family, but I am getting to where I just can't hide it at all! 
Here's mine:   #1: 41weeks, 8.5 hours, birth center with midwife, turned emergency hospital transfer- vaginal birth with OB.  #2: 41weeks: 2.5 DAYS, birth center with midwife, hypnobirthing, water birth, AMAZING.  #3: 40w3d: 3.5 DAYS, planned hospital with midwife, got an epi after over three days of active labor, I was sooo tired! No regrets. It was a great, but weird, birth.    Mine just keep getting longer!!!
There are a lot of weddings! DH and I are throwing our wedding reception in May because we eloped in Jan :) So, I have to figure out what to wear to my own! It's not going to be fancy though, just a get-together party with friends and family to celebrate. 
It's not a good idea to send the pregnant lady grocery shopping. I come home with tons of random crazy crap that I would never eat :/ 
How formal is the wedding? Can you get away with a skirt and top, or a flowy dress? Lots of my "maternity" clothes and dresses aren't maternity at all, but are just tops, skirts, and dresses that work. 
First, when I had my mc my symptoms went away immediately.. so it's a good sign that you still have yours! Second, I was a week off with this EDD.. after a couple years of totally regular 28-30 day cycles, I O'd a week early! It's not the first time it's happened to me either.. my #2 baby was the same! It is totally, and completely possible that you O'd later than normal. It's my opinion that some babies want a certain birthday and make our bodies do crazy things so they...
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