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What's for dinner fellow veg*ns??? DH has been so kind to cook dinner for us because everything grosses me out. But I'd like to make something for us tonight so he can work on his homework.. ideas for a really queezy veggie? 
 That's really good advice.. I love me some healthy fats :D 
 I totally responded to your post on nameberry ;) I love your kids names! I could also name 1000 daughters.. but so far all I've had are boys! I am *out* of boys names! LOVE Hazel, Wren, and Olive with your other girls names. 
 That sounds amazing!!! 
Not really... my 2 yo keeps asking for "baby" ... all the time. I've kind of told him that he'll get one soon, but they take a long time to make. But, he's 2, and he doesn't totally get it.    I want to wait to tell my 4yo and 6yo. They will be SUPER excited, but I am not ready for their dad to know yet (ex-H). 
That is very interesting, Right of Passage!    In my three vegetarian pregnancies, I've never had any swelling or protein in the urine. I'm sure I ate plenty of protein. Due to my size, I probably eat a 1500 calorie/day diet... I haven't checked in a little while though. I've taken a nutrition class where we had to track our diet daily for a few weeks (I was eating vegan at the time), and I always had good amounts of everything. My prof. was always impressed ;)    I...
I think the 80-100 gm recommendation comes from the Bradley Method? Doesn't it? Anyway.. I agree that protein intake should be accounted for individually.. I am 5'2 and 100-105 lbs pre-pg, and there is no way I could eat 2300 calories a day!    I think the most important thing is to listen to our bodies and what they are telling us we need. 
Did I mention that I am also allergic to wheat, and my nursing 2yo is allergic to corn?    Also, I am having food aversions to just about everything. Nothing sounds good- no cravings at all.    So... I am eating lacto-veg, wheat-free and corn-free, and it's frustrating. (Corn free until DS weans) I can not and will not eat meat.. I can not eat wheat either. I'm just throwing myself a little pity party here.    I always get plenty of protein while preg, and my iron...
I am really having a hard time not having an aversion to just about everything... so mine it pretty embarrassing, but at least I ate!    Breakfast: Coffee  Snack: BBQ Potato chips, in between classes Snack 2: Nut Crackers and Cream Cheese, in between classes again Dinner: Quorn Chick'n Tikki Masala, made by DH 
 I seriously could not handle twins... 5 kids?!?! Having 4 is sounding way too crazy! And I have no idea how I would pull off starting grad school in the Fall with 2! I could handle one, but how in the world could I handle taking TWO babies to school with me? 
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