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So... what's going on with everyone?    In my world, I have become suddenly terrified that I'm having twins. I am totally twice as sick as I've ever been in any other pregnancy, and now I am trying to come up with an excuse to get an early u/s. Twins keep popping up everywhere I look.. and I'm hoping it's not a sign! 
 That is awesome!!! It would be so hard to wait that long, but will be totally perfect! 
I'm vegetarian! I have been for 10 years and through all of my pregnancies! 
(((HUGS)))   We've ALL been there, I'm sure! I know I have! 
Ugh. I fully admit that I do not like being pregnant. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the baby that I get as a reward after nine-months of complete misery though.    I feel like crap. complete crap. 
 Cute! I've considered Nikolas before, and haven't totally ruled it out either.  Mine are:Sebåst1an Dée, 60liver Lée, 4Éll1ott Wilf0rd, 2 (Edited to make the names unsearchable, I hope)  All their middle names are honor names. And Penelope's mn, Lila, is my grandmother's name (she went by her mn Chris). 
 I like both of those names! I REALLY like Clover!  What are your other kids' names, if you don't mind sharing? 
 What about dresses and leggings? You have Target in Canada, right? 
I already broke out my box of maternity clothes to see what I have and what I need.. I love clothes and there are so CUTE maternity clothes these days. I lent a bunch to my SIL who didn't return them and then moved away, so I am actually looking forward to getting a few more cute pieces.. and summer clothes! Dresses!!    I like Old Navy, Gap, and Motherhood. If you get them on clearance with a coupon code, it's less expensive. I don't know what the options are for Canada...
 It was the absolute only thing I could think about yesterday.. I HAD to have some! 
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