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I normally LOVE all occasions to celebrate love! But this V-day, I am out of it. I have nothing planned, nothing bought.. I'm not feeling sexy, and I'm completely at a loss what to do/get for DH for V-day.    Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? 
I had a SCH with my last pregnancy. It started around 6w, and lasted until about 12w. For me, I bleed, like a period, once a week, for a few days each time. I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy at 40w3d. I'm sure I could have had a homebirth. I think for you, as long as it clears up, you should be fine to have a homebirth!    I know how scary it is.. (((HUGS))) hang it there! 
 Basically everything in my life I am grossed out by.. In previous pregnancies, I only threw up when I encountered something really terrible (like a poopy diaper or the trash), but I always felt icky. Same with this one too... but this one lingers all day, and before I usually felt better by the afternoon. 
 Ack! Well, I'm staying in the Oct DDC, because I always go past 40 weeks! 
Normally, I do ovulate on day 14. This cycle was weird though, I didn't get any EWCM, or get ovulation pain, and I ALWAYS do.    Apparently, this baby REALLY wanted to come to us, because everything is soooooo weird. None of it makes sense to me, at all. 
Hello all! I just went and got a u/s, and everything looks good... just one baby in there, good heartbeat... But, I'm measuring a week ahead (EDD 9/29, 7w1d)! My LMP was 12/29, I usually have 28-30 day cycles, and the only day we DTD without protection was 1/5. I am so confused!   Can anyone offer any insight into this? How can I measure a week ahead so early? None of this makes sense to me. 
 Yes.. they won't do one normally.. not unless you suspect something in the beginning. They usually won't see someone until they are 10w here. 
I have a u/s appt for tomorrow! Yay :) I told them I don't know my EDD because I am breastfeeding (lie... I got my AF back at 3 months PP!) 
 I also like August for a boy.. I am pretty much out of boys names that I love. I REALLY hope this is a girl, for that, and other, reasons! 
 My DH took over at night.. it's hard, but it only takes a week or two of restlessness and crying (while being comforted, not CIO). I figure 1-2 weeks of night time responsibility for DH more than makes up for the 1 1/2 years of me nursing all night and him sleeping like a rock ;)
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