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I'm a little jealous that you even have a love life. DF is gone for another 2 1/2 weeks, and we're the type of couple that makes love daily (or more!). Ah, I miss him! (Maybe that was TMI, but I'm really feeling the loneliness here, especially in that department!)
Wow is right! LOL. I'm also vegetarian, and this is my first pregnancy that the thought of meat hasn't completely grossed me out (I find myself craving chicken sandwiches). But I don't think I could actually do it.   I'm glad to hear you didn't get sick. I say do what your body tells you to do... :)
I feel mine on the inside.. not on the outside.   With #1, I felt him around 15 weeks.. a big strong kick on the outside. With #2, it was around 13 weeks that I felt kicks on the outside. I know for certain they were kicks :)   I think I feel my babies so early because I am really skinny, so there's not much in-between uterus and epidermis. I could be wrong about that, though.
Hillary! YAY!!! I am sooo happy to hear your great news!!! I hope you ditched that midwife!
  We are looking into getting a bigger car so we can fit 3 seats in.. there is no way our car will fit 3 right now. #1 is not big enough for a real booster seat, and #2 is still in a convertible too. I have the same bucket seat that I used with my other 2 children (it doesn't expire until Dec 2013) and then we'll get another convertible for when this baby gets bigger.  
Bucket carseats- I was against them at first too, with my #1, but I realized very soon that they really come in handy. My little itty bitty newborn looked sooooo small and uncomfortable in the convertable seat. And, when babe is sleeping after a car ride, waking a sleeping babe up to get him or her out of the car kind of stinks... so, when my baby was sleeping in the carseat it was much easier for me to get the whole seat out of the car and let him sleep, rather than get...
  LOL.. I am *hoping* to go 41 weeks this time, because my EDD is finals week! (I went 41w with my first 2)
Heather- Wow, 2 care packages already!? I'm a little jealous! I don't really expect anything from my side, since this is #3 for me.. but it's #1 for DF's side (and their first grandbaby yet).. so we'll see. I got rid of most everything after #2, and I am convinced that this baby is a girl, so hopefully I'll get a shower later on with lots of girly things :)   I did go on a little online maternity clothes shopping spree, and got a few super cute and trendy things from...
So, nothing really new going on with me.. I'm missing my DF like crazy. He'll be back in 1 day short of 3 weeks. I'm bored out of my mind.. in between semesters, most of my friends live more than an hour away and I'm sooo not up for the drive, my other LO's are with their father right now (we have joint custody).   I have a long to-do list, actually, but I am finding myself very unmotivated to do anything! I just want to lay on my couch and watch Netflix TV...
Hey mamas.. I started a new chat thread for the week:   http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1314363/weekly-chat-thread-may-23-29th#post_16461214   See ya there!
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