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 It sounds like either would be good options. I'd feel less reluctant to go to a hospital if they were low-intervention. Being so close to the hospital if you have a homebirth is good too. For me, it would come down to the cost, I think. But where I live, a homebirth costs $3500 (and we're on the low-end of costs). $1000, minus a few hundred refund, does not sound bad! 
 your bleeding on 11-13 dpo sounds like implantation bleeding. 
I have normal feeling breasts. Mine only got sore with my first, and haven't with any other pregnancy.    I need to hire someone to change my 2yo's poopy diapers. I can.not.handle it! 
 Thanks! I am just finishing my B.S. degree.. I've applied to almost all straight-to-PhD programs (only one for MA, but they have a PhD so I could reapply for it there, unless I wanted to go somewhere else). Mine is anthropology, specifically reproductive anthropology: studying cross-cultural practices of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting. I love it :)  My top choice program is the one I got my rejection letter from. Unfortunately. But they would all be...
 I have the World Veg cookbook too! I don't think I can handle mushrooms right now though :( And pita pockets are out for me- I'm allergic to wheat. 
 I would love to live in Norway!  What is your PhD in? I have been applying to grad schools in hopes to get my PhD.. *crossing fingers* I haven't heard back from anywhere, besides one rejection. 
 We must have been on the same wavelength last night because I made hummus too! I didn't make falafel though, just hummus, and ate it with rice crackers. That was our dinner, lol. 
 My labors keep getting longer and longer.. 1st was 8 hrs, birth center to hospital transfer, still drug-free vaginal birth. 2nd was 1 1/2 days, birthcenter water birth. 3rd was a planned hospital birth (because I didn't have the money to pay out of pocket for a HB), 3 days of labor.. by the time I finally went to the hospital, after 3 days of laboring and only being 5cm, I got an epi for the same reasons that you did. You never know. Most everyone's labors get shorter,...
We're really hoping for a girl with this one. We have Penelope in mind. My boys are $ebastian, 0liver and E11iott I don't see why Wilder isnt usable. Totally fits your family
 My first was, and still is, high maintenance. Love him to pieces, but he's a hand-ful. My 2nd and 3rd are EASY.. so easy going! 
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