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I have a whole bunch of nesting chores to do (I ran out of nesting energy a few weeks ago).   -organize bathroom cabinet -organize office -rearrange bedroom and find a space for linens -scan in work documents and get rid of hard copies -file taxes -Prepare meals for first few weeks.  I need some recipes!  We have a small freezer, and my husband will be in charge of this.  I want some nutritious, easy to prepare options that are cheap. -Get some small big brother...
Als, h ow do I join the due date Facebook group? I can't findit.
I just joined and am bummed to have missed this.  I think its a wonderful idea and will be a great support amongst moms.     I would love to join the FB group.  Could someone add me?  I'm amyortega05@gmail.com.   Thanks!
I'm expecting baby #2 on April 16.  Yay!
I'm at 31 weeks, and 2.5yo DS is still nursing.  I go through waves of hating it and not minding it.  But its often a power struggle with him demanding "mimi".  I've seen a few leaked drops in my bra when he pulls off abruptly, but it doesn't sound like he's getting much.  He's an avid nurser though, so not getting milk won't stop him.  He's constantly trying to put his hand in my shirt.  He'll even sneak up behind me and touch my arm, working his way to my breasts.  He's...
I grew up in a very materialistic family, so I feel I've come a long way.  This year we only bought gifts for both sets of parents, and a few for my son.  My son is getting 2 gifts and some stocking stuffers for the bathtub (he hates the bath, so I'm trying to excite him).  For the rest of the family, we said that we're doing Christmas Light.  We can't afford gifts this year.  I think my brother-in-law is still buying nice gifts for everyone, so I may feel awkward about...
My ds is 13 months.  He's average height.  I have him wearing 18-24 month clothing.  With breastfeeding and cloth diapering, he has a well padded bum.  I have trouble finding pajamas that fit him.  I want cotton pj's, without flame retardent, but snug fitting doesn't work for him.  And to get a snug fitting pajama bottom that fits his butt, I would have to get bigger sizes that would be too long.   What are other families doing?  Do you have any clothing brands you...
If you are starting out as a new doula, joining the Chicago Volunteer Doulas is a great way to get experience and meet other doulas.  Also, I like to attend childbirth classes in my area.  Its a great way to know what clients are learning in their class, and also to connect with an educator that refers moms to doulas.
Twitter profile: http://twitter.com/#!/LunulaThrive   I <3 CDs bc they're gentle on baby's skin, save thousands of $, and we'll keep 3 tons of waste out of landfill w/ first baby! #BabyBunz
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/search.php?q=baby%20bunz&init=quick&tas=0.1788011716813236&ref=ts#!/LunulaThrive/posts/694943361132?notif_t=feed_comment   My friend didn't get cloth diapers from her registry and is due anyday.  I hope to win so I can send her some cloth diaper love.  Fingers crossed!!!
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