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Oh sweet mama - this can be a hard time can't it? Along with your new sweet baby, a mama was born too. Give yourself time. Allow yourself to have these feelings. Feed your baby and snuggle. Invite your friends over to spend time with you and baby. This is your new normal...BUT it will constantly change as baby (and you) constantly change. The feedings will change as baby gets older and breastfeeding will just become a natural part of your day. Wearing baby in a wrap is...
"Kisses, Kisses Baby-O" by Sheree Fitch. It's a Canadian Book. It's been a favourite for both of my kiddos.
I have been researching this product for a while and it's on my list of things to talk to my naturopath about next week. I would love to try it!
Thank you DH for holding down the fort these days! All of these posts are resonating with me and I have taken a few great big sighs of relief. It is so easy as busy ladies to try to keep pushing through as we always do. It's okay though to follow your body. Before this pregnancy, never in a million years would I have ever taken a mid-day nap....there's just so much to do right? Now I take advantage whenever I can. The weekends are all about the nap! Weekdays, I manage to...
Are these things working for you? I have been wearing seabands for two weeks and have these constant circular holes in my wrists. I'm afraid to take them off lest the REAL nausea kick in! I'm curious about the protein shakes - any particular brand? It's hard to find one without soy... Boy oh boy - I am so HAPPY to be pregnant but it is hard work being a working mama who feels like so tired and nauseous:)
I am 37 and will be 38 when this wee one makes an appearance! It's funny because I work with a lot of women who have had babies "later in life (!!)". My first pregnancy ( at 33) was lovely and healthy so I have no doubt it will go that way again! You are all amazing!
Naptime at the beach! She's 4 1/2 now and still likes to be carried and snuggled close...
This is my beautiful two year old taking a break from tricycle riding for a "mama snuggle"....helmet and all.
I've always like Mothering - I miss my Mommy time every two months to read it from cover to cover. I'll love it no matter where I can find the same inspiring info!
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