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I was given some of the "gorier" Grimms' stories as a child.  My mother has a masters in education and an important child psychologist she read in school had recommended such stories as being important vehicles for a child to come to grips with the horrible and the awful in real life.   I'll see if I can find out his name from her if further reading is of interest to you.  I know the psychologist himself was a Holocaust survivor, so he may be coming at this issue...
"I'm not sure why you're here if you don't "believe" in home birth.  How do you suppose the human species managed to avoid extinction before hospitals and doctors came along? "   This is a rather silly claim.  If you have 10 pregancies, and 2 survive, you are replacing the existing population and avoiding extinction.   You've lost 80% of your children, but the species is still not moving towards extinction.    
I think that for multiples, as with special needs kids, that a philosophy that seems to have many requirements for membership can be challenging to adhere to.   Sounds like you and I are in a similar spot -- there were a number of things that I couldn't do with twins that I otherwise would have liked to.    Because of that, I have also learned to be a bit more flexible and experiment with some of the ideas that others suggest.  For example, we did on demand feeding...
Some people do consider CPMs and DEMs to be under qualified and clearly the State of New York agrees.     Even assuming they are qualified, certainly one can question whether a practioner's illegal status would negatively impact their care (reluctance to transfer, call for EMS assistance for example) or put the parents under even more stress during an extremely stressful time (if they are expected to lie on the midwife's behalf while their child is in danger or has...
I am curious as to why a CNM needs less than a 10th of the experience of an OB resident to attend breech births alone at home?  Do you view the OB required minimums as being way too cautious?    How do you feel about CPMs attending breech births?
Hmmmm... I wonder why providers of an illegal service may not have a great interest in marketing opportunities!!  I'm guessing the local pot dealer isn't interested in bartering with you either.
If you are going to do a UC, please remember that no matter what your resources and ability to pay, no hospital can legally refuse to take care of your wife if she is in the process of giving birth.  Please keep that in mind if you feel things are not going smoothly.
If you can get state coverage for the birth it would be substantially cheaper than a HB midwife, and you would also avoid the scenario where you pay the midwife's fee and then also have hospital charges in case of emergency transfer.   Have you checked into what state resources might be available to you?
All the best!  I hope you don't have the pelvic pain I had.  In any event, never feel bad or disloyal about getting a second opinion.  A good provider should appreciate you seeking as much input as you need.  As one of my doctors said -- a care provider who is discouraging or makes you feel bad about getting a second opinion is not a care provider you want to have.   
I grew up in Ann Arbor and I assure you it is the crunchy/hippie dippie center of Michigan.   So its a little funny seeing Ann Arbor women described as being like NYC girls!   My doctor was not very hot to trot on Dr. Luke, though I came into the pregnancy already a bit overweight.  I was at a very high-tech University hospital myself, and I think for that reason my very run of the mill twin pregnancy was handled in a fairly relaxed manner (since they see so many...
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