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One and the Same is an awesome book that explores the relationship between twins.  However, its not really about raising twins.   I did find How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Twins somewhat helpful.  The author definitely has an axe to grind but taken with a grain of salt, she encouraged me to look at issues of separateness, identity and self much earlier than I otherwise would.  We are already seeing some emotional dependence between our 15 month old girls and are...
I think a number of posters have been too dismissive of the OP's concerns, especially about the pot issue.  Many people here are pot positive so that is understandable.   However, there is also the case of Henry Granju whose mother, Katie Allison Granju, is a name in attachment parenting and who died of an overdose after being involved in both dealing and prostitution for drugs.  He started with pot, and Katie has written on her blog that she wishes that she had...
I think that my feelings on homebirth are a big "it depends".    Are we talking homebirth attended by an OB, a CNM or a CPM or a UC?   Beyond the "letters behind the name" what is the skill set we are talking about?  What are availability of back-ups?  Integration of transfers?  Availability of hospital care in the area?   Are we talking about a truly low-risk pregnancy, or someone who refuses standard testing out of a fear that she might be risked out of "her"...
The idea that what is currently going on is "minimal moderation" is silly.  It is much better that the previous "thought police" moderation that occurred, but it is definitely not minimal moderation.  I would prefer going towards even less moderation than what is currently in place.
kseawall -- you made the choice that avoiding a c-section was worth it enough to you to risk a cord prolapse or head entrapment which would have likely resulted in a severe morbidity or mortality to your unborn child.  That's your right.   The odds worked in your favor.   But it should not be surprising that a number of other people's "risk calculus" is set more conservatively than yours.
Once again -- infant mortality is not the correct measure.  Perinatal mortality is.  Further, to actually compare apples to apples, you must confirm the reporting regime used by each country.  Some countries consider live births at 22 weeks to be stillbirths, for example. 
Or maybe I am getting mixed up with S-D?
I think in truly dire circumstances, they perform a maneuver (Zanelli?) to push the baby back up the birth canal, and then perform the C.   Alternatively there are some kinds of cuts that that ob can perform that may allow for the head to be released.
Everything I have read has suggested that vaginal breech is only recommended with immediate access to a c-section if an emergent situation arises.
Is breech a normally occurring phenomenon?  Yes.   Does it increase risk?  Yes.   Are all "positive" homebirth studies (assuming that you accept their validity) predicated on the assumption of low-risk mothers?  Yes.   For a mother who is concerned about risk and is relying on the aforesaid studies as part of her comfort level for homebirth, breech homebirth delivery should be concerning.        
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