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In my experience most times the mother's insurance covers the baby the first month it is born, so that's worth checking. For DS we did use state health insurance and I just needed a note confirming my pregnancy from my midwives and they signed him up. Then I just had to let them know when he was actually born.
That is amazing!! Wow. It really does look professionally made. But cuter, of course. I love sewing but am still very new at it. I have tons of books with great patterns, but not enough gumption to follow through. I love this Oliver and S layette pattern -    (Neither of those are my pictures! Just day dreaming) That is amazing! How lovely and cozy. The colors are great and the stitches are perfect!
Ooh, I highly recommend Earth Mama, Angel Baby bottom balm (and other products, I really liked the bottom spray) for postpartum. You could register for those!
For anyone still battling acid - I got some Earth Mama Angel Baby heartburn tea and it has actually seemed to work really well. I don't generally like tea, but I add a bit of honey and lemon and it soothes almost instantly and taste pleasant. Highly recommend. And I'm still finding that roasted, salted almonds are helpful, as well.
Not sure who asked, but thus is the food we got our cat http://www.purinaone.com/cats/products/urinary-tract-health-formula. I do think wet food is recommended, but we had good luck with this.
I'm sure everyone knows this, but if you do use a bucket seat DO NOT put it on the cart like you see so many people doing. It is not designed to fit there and not safe. Lots of babies injured that way. They are also not designed for babies to nap in - you shouldn't bring your baby into the house and let them sleep in the seat. I recently read an article about a baby (15 months) who died while napping in her seat in the house.
I don't like swings or bouncy seats, but we loved this for our son http://www.amazon.com/Bright-Starts-Sleeper-Playtime-Bedtime/dp/B00C78G2BE/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1396145459&sr=8-13&keywords=baby+rocker (It wasn't this one, but similar)   If you're doing cloth diapers definitely register for those!  Britax really are the best car seats in my opinion BOB are the best strollers that I've found (although I really kind of hate strollers) Maya type wrap and Ergo are my...
Big breath, mama! This isn't a big problem. We're big cat people, so... I don't know. I feel for you! I honestly wouldn't worry so much at this point. I highly doubt that your cat has just started peeing on things out of the blue and I don't think it's true at all that once they do it they will forever. In fact, I've found that they don't really want to pee outside their litter box and that identifying why they have is the big factor. One of our cats will (very rarely,...
Okay! Here's the link :) http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1399611/july-2014-farmer-mamas I'm excited!! I love talking about this kind of thing.    What a sweet story about your dog! I've always hoped an animal would find me like that.
It seemed like there was some interest in my favorite subject - homesteading/gardening/farming/preserving! So I thought I would make a little place for us all to chat about it to our heart's content. I'm pretty knowledgeable about all things chicken and duck, but have lots to learn when it comes to gardening and preserving. We'd also like to add bees and possibly some bigger animals to our property at some point. So anyway, here's the thread! Let's talk farming!
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