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I think we'll be gone from the 30th of June to the 14th of July. Don't come then! Before or after, almost any day.
Aw, those are so cute! I love the family picture, especially the look on River's face. And the napping picture? So familiar with the fell asleep in the ergo and got put down pose. Too cute.
How many pictures can you all take?   Same old shirt, different baby (Malcolm on the left, Clementine on the right (about 10 months older than Malcolm in this picture))                   Don't worry, the flat iron wasn't hot or plugged in             Malcolm and Miss Ellie   Babies trying to escape     Malcolm with a nine week old baby   Be honest, that was too...
We're going to be in Montana for my best friend's wedding for Malcolm's first birthday. It kind of bums me out, and I even originally told her I couldn't go, but it just felt too weird not attending her wedding (we've been best friends our entire lives, 25 years) so that's where we'll be. I didn't do a party with Clementine and I really struggle to see the point anyway, so I think it's likely it will sneak on by. Maybe they can toast him at the wedding. He'll have the...
Okay, tiny baby Malcolm    At birth, 10lbs 4oz, 21.5 inches long   9 months, 27lbs, just a bit over 30 inches long. They measured the same way they did Charlie. Mal is in 18 month size clothes now. Edging in on his sister. 
Yes, Carrie! More pictures! Oodles more.
Real quick: Malcolm has learned how to squirt milk out of my breast and he thinks it's HIlaruous. And as we speak he is about halfway out the cat door so I have to run. Hope everyone is well!
We live in West Linn!
Same! I love it. Love love love.
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