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This is excellent advice, and very similar to what I got from my attorney. I had reams of little issues and things that I was gung-ho for, and he very quickly pointed out that formalizing some of these things would make EVERYONE'S life more difficult in the end. Like the pp's husband, some things I considered important enough that it didn't matter to me that it placed the same restrictions on my life. Other things I went, "Hmmmmm. Not so important".  
I feel your pain.   My exh telling my eight year old that I knew I was gay the entire time I was married to him, and only used him to get pregnant (what he refers to as my 'evil lesbian agenda') was a huge obstacle I had to overcome. Was I dating and now living with a woman? Yes. Did that make any of what her father told her true? No.   These guys find lots of ways to make life continually interesting, don't they?
I'm not sure I'd ever insist on it. We definitely model good manners around here, and my older daughter (age 8) constantly receives praise for being such a 'polite and charming' child.   Then there's my recently turned three year old dd.   She will die/starve/etc. before saying please/thank you. She knows when/how to use it, knows that it's considered polite... but it's a huge power struggle for her.   I won't get into that kind of battle with my kid, and I...
How in the hell do I stop crying at work?   I'm an RN, work in trauma/emergency medicine.   If someone yells at me (99% of the time - it's a doctor)... I cry. It really, really annoys me.   I am not sad. I am usually taken aback, or embarrassed, or most likely angry.   And I burst into tears.   Any tips? I've been dealing with this since I was a child. If I'm angry or in an argument, I cry.   Starting to be a real PITA.
Hmmmm. If my exh did that to me - I admit, I'd be puzzled and a little wild. Did your dss ask for a new phone? Maybe he wanted one like all his friends? I don't know. If she knew that he had a phone, and she used it to communicate w/him - why take on the cost of a new phone yourself?? Very strange.
I have a 1.5 year old cat and a 2 year old dog (terrier mix).   The cat was raised by the dog, since we got her as a 3 week old who was abandoned by her mother.   Last night a co-worker of mine (who also runs a pet rescue) gave my daughter a 4 month old kitten for her birthday (with my permission)...   So - the dog loves both cats, no issues there. Very gentle. The new kitten is nervous of the dog, hisses a little - but no aggression.   My older cat...
Not  the same, but two weeks ago I received a hysterical, screaming phone call from my eight year old.   She was overtired, cranky, and wanted to come home. It was Saturday and she and her sister were spending the weekend with their dad.   I couldn't even talk to her. She was crying so hard she was gagging. So, I asked her to put my ex on the phone.   I asked him, 'Do you want me to come and get them?' He said, 'No'. Sooooooo - you're letting her call me...
My ex and I let each other know where we'll be with the kids - as a courtesy. We both like to know where they are, so that if we want to call and say goodnight we're not a) left feeling panicked when there's no answer or b) left feeling like an idiot afterwards. I'm not talking out and about during the day, but we both either send a text or quick call if we're going to be spending the night somewhere else. It takes five seconds, and like the pp, neither of us really care...
My eight year old dd would not change or shower - ever - if I didn't remind her. It just doesn't cross her radar. I do what one pp suggested - I hang out in the bathroom and read while she showers and remind her what she needs to do. I figure one day she'll have the hang of it... We also pick out clean clothes together every am, and pjs at night.
Hey! Awesome to 'see' you again mama!
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