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This is how I do it too...  
I love my career (I'm a trauma RN) and I would not want to SAH. My only wish is that I had a better schedule, and that I didn't have to work quite so many shifts (7-8 12 hours shifts in a two week period - very chaotic).
Six months - but then she struggled and didn't want to be rocked anymore.   She was three years old yesterday, and still doesn't STTN. I'm okay with it now. We do a mix of co-sleeping and her in her own bed.
Very religious to agnostic.   I've had some pretty strongly held parenting beliefs spun around.
I did, I got my BScN as a single mom. Don't underestimate the amount of time school takes, but it's totally doable and definitely worth it!
I wouldn't, but I'm paranoid.
My ex talks our girls a couple of times a week. I don't limit the time. They are 8 & 3, so it's usually 5 minutes for the younger one, and 15-20 minutes for the older one. When he has them (EOWeekend) I talk to them every day. He actually usually calls me (when the kids are there) so I can talk to them, which is nice.
It's a Christmas miracle :lol Hope you enjoy the holiday bonus!
My inlaws seriously creeped me out by asking for 'alone' time with my first dd by asking when she was only two weeks old - to take her for the weekend.   It was never about spending time with her, or whatever. They were crappy parents to my exdh, and it was totally an opportunity for them to play mommy and daddy again (not saying this is necessarily true of anyone else's parents/inlaws) and it really weirded me out.   My mother on the other hand - was a wonderful...
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