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My wife and are working on building a coop (for the spring) - we live in northern Ontario, and I'm wondering if there are any recs for breeds of chickens that would do well up here? I've done a bunch internet research, but I thought first hand knowledge would be valuable too! TIA!
It's gotta be the season. Or something. I've been in a downhill slide for about the last six months.   Called my mother last night and asked her to please come and get the kids - or I was packing them up and sending them to live with their father. Permanently.   I don't know what I need, but I can't shake this depression. I don't have five minutes of time for myself - combined with 12 hour/shift work and a high needs preschooler.   Not in the greatest place...
My cat does the same thing to my three year old - and goes for the head/neck as well. It def. doesn't appear as a mother cat trying to help a baby cat, lol. It more looks like she's going for the jugular!
I certainly don't think you've written anything 'bash' worthy mama. I think you need some downtime, and some rest - and to definitely tell your dh that right now you can not be responsible for this child. I don't think that's asking too much.
Thinking of you mama!!
That sounds pretty reasonable in terms of visitation!! Close to what I have with my ex. As for the support - glad you're pursuing it!!  
Dear exh,   It is so incredibly lovely not to be gaslighted all.day.long. anymore. So nice to know I'm not crazy. So darn fantastic not to have six hour long arguments wherein you attempt to confuse me and make me sound crazy.   It's also nice to at least be able to call myself 'a single mother' with pride... even though I've really been doing it all for eight long years.   Also, even better - so wonderful to not be guilted into having sex with you everyday,...
I would call - you have nothing to lose. If it's a 'good' call, you may have the opportunity to forge a new relationship with her, to learn some things about your stepson, etc. If it goes 'badly', you can hang up and walk away. This may be a big deal for her, sending her child to live with you. She may simply be looking for some confirmation that he will do well while he is with you and his father...
  I love Gwydion so much it's not even funny. Hugely on my list of future boy names.  
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