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I've always washed my cloth diapers in a front loading HE washer. I've never had any problems.
I love both. I've used econobum longer and they really last. But so far I love the flip too. Econobum are definitely the cheapest covers out there that I have found. If you google search and find an irregular sale (and I can't tell at all the difference between my regular ones and irregular ones) you can find them as cheap as $4.95 per cover.
Oh, and I have always dried prefolds in the dryer, which I think is more wear, so they are really holding up. Here is the website: http://www.greenmountaindiapers.com/prefolds.html. They are the Cloth-eez® Organic Prefold Diapers. 
I cloth diaper my now three and a half year old (she still wears cloth at night even though she never actually pees in them anymore) and my 9 month old son. The best and cheapest covers are econobum. Awesome. If you google search and hit it right (like a seconds sale) the are as cheap as $4.95 per cover. But even full price they are only $8.95. For the prefolds go to the greenmountaindiapers.com website. They have organic prefolds that are all you will ever need. I have...
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