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You mentioned that you wanted to ask your families opinion but didn't want them to feel uncomfortable about being in your house or unwilling to allow their kids in your house but isn't that a choice they have a right to make considering your dh is doing something that raises their risk?
She really is nuts. Do you keep a stack of calendars around to mark off the days until you don't have to do this with her anymore?
That was a great post. Thank you for sharing anjsmama.
If people are behaving in a harmful way around others that's something I would limit for a child that didn't/couldn't understand the illness. My x's stepmother (who I lived with and eventually let children around) is anorexic but she knew she was ill and never said negative things to people about their eating or made comments about her own unless it was in certain company. I went through a stressful time and was very thin (for me) and she expressed concern about my lack...
Self injury is generally an extremely private activity/coping mechanism not something someone would be doing around your children. I'm not sure how such an activity would "rub off" on someones family. For the person who said they wouldn't want their kids around an anorexic person because they didn't want them to exposed to unhealthy eating- do you allow fat people who over eat or eat unhealthy foods around?
I just lurk here...but I wanted to point out that Drew Mariani is like the Rush Limbaugh of catholic radio. I had gotten a lot of comfort from catholic radio years ago but it seems when I turn it on now all I hear is political rhetoric and inflammatory stuff like that drew Mariani piece. It doesn't help that every time I turn on the radio station he's there.
I'm wih tooraloora except that I never self injured, my experience is through family members that have. I've come to understand that it doesn't automatically mean they are a danger to themselves, much less to others.
I hope it works out for all of you.
Congratulations! Give yourself the space to feel how you feel about it without shame sometimes you have to go through the difficult feelings to come out the other side. That said- I think there are some beautiful aspects about parenting solo.
Wow. I never thought I'd see that update from you. How are the kids doing?
New Posts  All Forums: