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Hi Juniper, Hunter is 15 months old and we also did family bed and at 13 months put his previously unused crib mattress on the floor next to our mattress (which is also on the floor). Hunter is a good eater of solids, but also a champion nurser. He has never slept through the night, but what we did have success with is Dad night weaning. I will describe what worked for us below. But first, I wanted to let you know that Hunter woke up a LOT in his 14th month and it was...
My aunt said, "What do you do for intellectual stimulation?" (regarding my job as "Stay at Home Mom")
Hunter nursing at 1 day old.   Nursing, Penebscot Bay, Camden Maine      
An update on this:   I really wanted to make these myself, but decided to make other things instead and paid a visit to our local gluten-free, organic, vegan bakery.   The cupcakes will actually be blueberry muffins. They will be comprised of various gluten-free flours, fresh organic blueberries and applesauce made from scratch-organic apples as sweetener.   I so look forward to experiencing Hunter blow his candle out of a treat I can feel 100% good about...
11 months old He bathes with me 2x a week and 1x in his baby tub. We wash his hair 2x a week.
Thank you. I will check them out of the library :)
You know, I think I agree with these ladies that the Ergo isn't great for a newborn even with the insert.  I thought back and I didn't put DS in the Ergo until he was 4 months old.  Until then I had him in the sling.  I didn't purchase a wrap because I have a physical disability and wouldn't have been able to wrap him up in it appropriately.
Hi new friends,   I think I was aware of this all along, but my son is now clearly a sensitive soul with much determination and energy.   He is 11 months old.   Is there a book that can help me parent a child with this type of personality?   I am happy that I have worn him in his carrier/sling often, I think this really helps keep him calm and feeling secure. We sleepshare which I also think is good for this type of personality, but I'm not sure if...
Fantastic suggestions, thank you everybody! I will post an update when I chose his present or a few small ones.
I'm sorry I haven't heard of scarring from trauma/accident, but my fallopian tubes were blocked with scar tissue of unknown origin (not endometriosis), part of why we had to do IVF to conceive DS.    I had to have a c-section and the scar tissue was gone when my doctor "delivered" my son. So maybe pregnancy does eliminate scar tissue?   It is worth asking about or having another HSG.    Good luck!
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