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I'm sorry I haven't heard of scarring from trauma/accident, but my fallopian tubes were blocked with scar tissue of unknown origin (not endometriosis), part of why we had to do IVF to conceive DS.    I had to have a c-section and the scar tissue was gone when my doctor "delivered" my son. So maybe pregnancy does eliminate scar tissue?   It is worth asking about or having another HSG.    Good luck!
My son will be one in a few weeks.  He hasn't been interested in the toys he has for about a month now.  To my complete delight he is very into books right now, but we have plenty.    My mother is asking what she can give him for his birthday and I am thinking about giving him a gift, too.  I might buy an amber teething necklace, but if I decide to get a toy, too what would you recommend?   He has a few Haba characters - the frog, fish and duck, a pull-toy which...
Thank you! :) This is good advice.  I do tell him from time to time, but I will be consistent.  I absolutely love nursing and am excited to find out what our nursing relationship will be like as he grows older and more communicative.    
I am looking to make cupcakes for my son's 1st birthday party.   I need it to be:   Sugarless gluten-free nut-free (obvious)   I am thinking I can sub applesauce or juice for sugar, but how much?   I am clueless... Any ideas?
Thank you everyone for the replies.  I made beautiful papercrafted invitations tonight and will be having the party on a Monday afternoon.    Thanks again for so many replies and for such thought put into them.            
How about the Ergo carrier with newborn insert? My son and I both love the Ergo :) He is 11 months old now and we still use it several days a week! It is a good investment.  
My son is 11 months old and still loves to nurse, which makes me completely happy.  He continues to nurse about every 3 hours and every 3 hours at night (I think in part because we sleepshare).   I need some advice or a few laughs to get me through this one problem we're having...   Hunter likes to sip a little on one side, sip a little on the other, go back sip from the left, sip from the right, back and forth this goes on for about 15 minutes.  He likes to...
I give my 11 month old son Plum Organics puffs.  They come in fruit and vegetable combinations and are free of common allergens.   I really didn't want to give these to him. They are the closest thing to "junk" food he eats.  I ended up giving them to him because he had trouble transitioning from purees to cubed food.  He needed something gluten-free to train on.  Also, I wanted him to work on his pincer skill.   He started eating them at 9 months and became...
My son's first birthday is coming up. I would like to have a small party for him on a Sunday for two hours at 3:00. The guest list would be 12 friends he sees regularly who are his age and that baby's mother. We will be having the party at our small home, if everyone came it would be 26 people including myself and my husband.   I can't make the guest list smaller because these are all women from my close-knit breastfeeding group circle. Word would get out if I picked...
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