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I am pregnant with my third, and I am just tired all the time. I have just gotten my bloodwork done, and am not deficient in anything. My iron levels are good. I am taking spirulina at the mo, and eating well. I have 2 older children (5 and 2) and work part time... I am just not coping. I never feel like I have had enough sleep, but I can't exactly nap with the other ones at home. Any suggestions?
Yep, def for me. This one is a surprise. 3 is my limit, I think 4 would be more than I can handle! 
Does anyone else feel the pull of McDonald's and other fast food places? I refuse to go there for many reasons: the chemical food, the hideous ways they treat their workers, and the overall sense that they are a pretty evil place, IMO. However, as my children get older, I am definitely feeling more pressure to go there.... birthday parties, peer pressure, etc. AAAAAARGH! I feel pretty strongly about the place, and that it is not a good place to go. I guess I am just...
My tip is to try to minimize the use of your car if you can. I have been transporting my two children in a bike trailer, on a half wheeler, and in a kid's bike seat when the weather isn't inclement. I get exercise (no more gym membership) and we still get to where we need to go. Gas is so expensive, we save about $60 a week doing this. Plus, the children have fun! DH does it as well.
I have 9 month old DD in a her bedroom on a floor bed, and I love it! The problem is, although her room is mostly childproofed, we have a panel heater in it that needs to be plugged into the wall in her room ( I am living in New Zealand and it is turning to winter here). All of the other electrical outlets are blocked, but this is the only place we can plug in the heater to keep her room warm. I need to find a way to block off her access to the electrical cord and the...
That is so funny, because I have been having a similar experience with my DS at his Montessori school, and I was wondering the same thing. He is 3.5 also, and from everything I have observed, he seems to be a normal kid. Our family doctor thinks he's a normal kid as well. They want us to enroll him in Sensory Integration therapy, but the one that they recommended is way out of our budget. I was wondering if maybe going every day might be too much for him at this age, and...
I am so annoyed right now. After I stay at home during the week with our children, 3.5 and 7 months, while my husband works, he went away on a boating excursion over the weekend, leaving me with the children. It has been nonstop all weekend getting up in the middle of the night, dealing with tantrums, a baby that wouldn't settle. I am sleep deprived and exhausted. What does he do the minute he gets home? He takes an effing nap. He has been on his own all weekend having...
I second the notion that it is fine in moderation. Also, I have started taking anything that originates from Dr. Mercola with a grain of salt. 
I love smitten kitchen! I never go wrong with anything she posts.  
Just curious... When DS was born, I was told I needed lots of supplies, so I got everything. Now with my second baby, I find that it is actually simpler to get by with less equipment. For me, I found that I didn't need the crib, the stroller, a full size high chair, a Sangenic nappy bucket. I am sure there is more. What items can you do without?
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