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Do men like flowers for their birthday? My dad's birthday is Sunday and no I haven't done anything for it yet. He does not live close to us. So are flowers a good idea or not?
Why did you choose the name(s) that you did for your kids? Special meaning? After someone? Just liked the name? Wanted a certain style/feel of name? I'm curious why people choose what they choose.
  I live in the city and take public transportation almost every day and frequently hear little girls, some as young as toddler age, being admonished to keep their legs together and having their dresses tugged down, sometimes just to hide a diaper.
I think girls are fussed at to look and act nice far more often than boys are fussed at to look and act nice.
Maybe it's regional. I only see the bra/panties bathingsuits for girls around where I live but I live among a culture where hyper-femininity and the passage from girl to womanhood are celebrated in a major way. Very little girls here wear hair-gel, lip gloss, glitter, nail polish, pumps ect. and moms boast about their daughters' bra sizes. I know it's not very MDCish.  
The waist band to boys and mens underpants shows in back any time their shirt tails ride up when they sit down. Doesn't offend anyone unless their butt cracks are showing.   And men sit with their legs spread apart all the time. Never heard anyone complain about it.   What I don't get are girls bathing suits. Why are girls expected to go around in bra/underpants swimwear that will require them to have to remove their pubic hair as soon as it grows in while boys...
What product (if any) do you use?  
I am hesitant to post something from a "news show" because I think they often sensationalize things, but I think this brings up a really important issue.   http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/09/15/earlyshow/living/parenting/main20106690.shtml?tag=cbsnewsMainColumnArea   And I find it really interesting that the mom of the victim has chosen to put her effort into making more people aware of the effects of bullying rather than push for the prosecution of those who...
spicy fried tofu with lemon-rosemary brown rice, steamed spinach and crunchy fresh garden salad 
When we tell people we're against corporal punishment, often they react negatively. They insist that because they were paddled at school, they turned out okay, and not in jail, and became a surgeon or something. Okay. There may be something to this. I stuck my finger into an electrical socket when I was four, now I'm a successful lawyer. DH fell out of a tree. Now he's a successful development director. What else contributed to your successes?  
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