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I had a vegan cheese and spinach toasted sandwich for supper and I'm still hungry. 
Mine would be grapes and broccoli. Eggplant would come very close. I remember when I was a kid I used to cry when my mom would refuse to buy grapes for me because they were expensive. She told me to eat apples instead. 
Confession: I have worked in child modeling in NYC.   You don't need expensive glamour shots. Home snapshots are fine. Toddlers just need to be photogenic enough and should be able to make eye contact. Advertisers are NOT looking for overwhelmingly adorable kids (babies who are super pretty distract from clothing). TONS of moms want into this so if your kid is irritable or fussy on the day of a photo shoot, you're out. There are other hopefuls waiting in line as...
salad topped with bbq seitan/asparagus/ mushroom mix and N yeast  
I'm eating a wondrous spinach and mushroom soup I created out of leftover veggies.  
I am having blue diamond natural whole almonds in the 100 calorie pack. I am on the second one, but at least I passed up the grilled cheese cause I can't be in the kitchen right now. 
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