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I have a speech delayed son and an older daughter who's speech is fine.  Every once in awhile, she'll drop her r's.  I just tell her she has r's and to use them.  She'll usually re-say the phrase with the correct pronunciation.   Also, if all the other children are 3-years-old, not having r's and l's in their speech isn't all that uncommon.  We're working on them right now in speech with our 4.5 year old, and the SLP says their actually a later sound, but the concern...
Our rule is about 20 minutes before we know a friend will be leaving, I tell them to clean up 10 things each.  Then 5 minutes before they leave, it's clean up 5 things (assuming things are horribly trashed.)  After our friends leave, my kids finish up if needed.
My first was like that, and yes, I turned her FF at her 1st birthday.  It helped a ton.  Now, she's 6, almost 7, and she does get carsick if there isn't any air blowing on her and she's in the back of the van.  The car we had when she was a baby had no backseat air vents.   Anyway, if you do have a car with backseat air vents, try having them point directly on her.
My first weighed 20lbs at 6 months and 25lbs at 9 months.  At 2 years old, she weighed 27lbs.  It's normal for children to chunk up and then slim down and grow a lot in height!  As long as everything else is okay (milestones, eating) there is no need.  My second weighed 18lbs at a year, 22lbs at 2 and 25lbs at 3.  He is decidedly not "normal."  He has severe speech delay, gluten and dairy intolerance (discovered at 4 years of age), chronic diarrhea.  My MIL kept trying...
We'll be finding out.  With the first two, I didn't know until they were born, which was great.  With my third, we found out because I wanted to get rid of the baby clothes that wouldn't be in use.  This time, I'd like to find out just so I can buy clothes if it's a girl and if it's a boy, come up with some names.   I like the idea of having the gender written down on a piece of paper and opening it at a special time.  I'm thinking, dinner with our really good...
During my last two pregnancies, we traveled 6 hours north for New Years while pregnant.  Both of those babies were born in February so I was much more pregnant than you'll be.  My midwives (one a home birth midwife, one a hospital midwife) were totally cool with it as long as I got out of the car and walked around every couple hours.  No problem, since we had young children, plus I needed to pee all.the.time.  That alone will get you out of the car often! 
If any of my kids sleep past 7:15am, it usually means they are sick.   DD, 6 and ds1, 4, go to bed at 8.  Dd is usually asleep by 8:15.  Ds1 will either be asleep by 8:10, or he can still be awake at 10.  He's always been a crappy sleeper.  Ds2, 19 months, is usually asleep by 9, but sometimes it's later.    Ds2 wakes up when dh's alarm goes off, so either 6:10 or 6:30.  Dd and Ds1 almost always wake up within 10 minutes of dh turning on the kitchen light...
I would.  But then, I'm also a fan of passing the baby around, so...  My oldest went to Christmas Eve dinner (just dh's immediate family, but that's still an obscene amount of people!) at 4 weeks and the highlight for me was eating dinner without nursing or possibly dropping food on the baby's head. 
Got a recipe for that?  I suck at "throwing things together" but I know my kid would be all over that. 
I don't really have any advice, except don't listen to ForeverInBlueJeans.  Just don't.   Also, with the diarrhea, go talk to her doctor.
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