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One of the reasons I like my kids school is that it has 3 recesses for all grades (PK-8.)  They also do a 15 minute recess before lunch, 20 minutes for lunch and then 20 more minutes of recess.  Works great!
Colds happen.  Is your son ever around other kids or adults?  Cause he could be bringing home those bugs and sharing.     
My oldest son is GF (we suspect an intolerance or possibly celiac or crohn's but no one wants to scope a 4-year-old when he's not loosing weight) and I feel like we're constantly struggling with the flours and what not.  I hate baking with GF flours so I've just gone to already prepared mixes (mostly cookie and cakes) or products.  Probably not the healthiest route.  The only thing I mix up myself is an almond flour pancake recipe that is really easy!   As for your...
Wish List for us:   A new house (we're already 5 people in a 1500 sqft house with no storage, we need something bigger!)   If we get the new house, then I'd like a crib.  I had a crib with the first 2 (even though they mostly co-slept, I liked it for naps) but it was re-called between baby 2 and 3 (plus it was a hand me down when I got it, bought for my nephew who is now 12.)
I love our sit and stand for things like the zoo, aquarium or mall.  It doesn't steer well enough for my liking as an all the time stroller.
I'm in the US, have been my whole life, and have never heard of having to have a physical before school started, unless you wanted to try out for sports. Vaccination records? Yes.  Physical? No.
pick up at 3:15 go home, do homework at the kitchen table and eat a snack (or they eat whatever lunch wasn't eaten in the car, or both) play or watch tv daddy home dinner play showers/baths at 7 bed by 8, though I'm trying for 7:30   the only days this varies is on Monday and Thursday when we leave right before dh gets home to go back to the school for ds's speech therapy at 5 and dinner gets pushed back to about 6:30
Try sprinkling the priobiotics directly on the rash and then covering with a breathable diaper (cloth with a cotton or wool cover works best.)   Also, Monistat is awesome.  My second was prone to yeast infections and we used a lot of Monistat cause it was the only that really worked 100%.
Do you know anyone with a video camera or do you have a cell phone with one?  Or anyone with a cell phone with one?  They are becoming standard on a lot of cell phones.   Anyway, I would want to check that out.
I've never used it, but a friend really likes East Gate Kids, near Copper and Juan Tabo.  Good luck.
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