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Every parent I know hates Elmo, even if they let their kid watch 24/7 TV.  Elmo is annoying.  
If it makes you feel better, my February 2007 baby just potty trained this past March.  He was 4 years and 4 weeks old.  Granted there were some other issues in play, but it wasn't that big of a deal.
Honestly, it doesn't sound like UP is working well for him.  For the bolded, why do the other kids need to stop?  You state that you understand why the kids feel this way.   also, I don't really get how he's supposed to know how to behave if he's never taught how to behave.  You don't need to bribe or punish to do that, just talk to him bout his behavior.
Yup!  I'm pretty sure my 66-year-old father-in-law could be diagnosed with Asperger's.  And from listening to stories, he father probably could have as well.  Same with my 60-year-old father.  They're just living their lives, socially awkward, really smart guys.
While I can't answer your first question, I like the Nautilus as a booster for my child.  She's 6.5, 50lbs and I'm not sure on her height (she's tall though) and it works well for her.  She's been in booster mode since she was 5 years and 3 months and it fit well then.  I drive a Honda Odyssey and she sits in the back row.
I know it's hard, but I think it would be beneficial to have someone else take over feeding her for the simple fact that you are exhausted by it at this time.  I also think therapy would be good for you and your daughter to work through the big changes that have happened in your lives.   If a child is terrified they'll never get food again, they will eat non-stop.  It's self-preservation.  Eggs are a great thing for her and thankfully they're fairly cheap.  Buy a...
Some kids are just skinny.  Dh and I were bean poles, me until puberty, dh until he was in his mid-20's.  All three of our kids are bean poles and we only worry about one (but he doesn't eat and has obvious GI distress when he does eat.)  Just keep offering healthy, full fat food, aim for lots of protein and fat, and they'll be fine.   There is a way to make avocado pudding, it's a vegan recipe so maybe search that forum.   Also, my almost 15-month-old is also...
Could you tell your doctor the situation and see if they'd be willing to come in for you, even if they're not on call?  I know some docs are willing to do this.  Good luck!
EI didn't refer you for a hearing screen right off the bat?  When we started (ds1 was 16 months and not making any noise, including crying) that was the first step and it continues to be a yearly test just to make sure.   Also, I agree that sign language was our saving grace.  Ds1 now talks a lot but is still in for articulation (he's 4 now, we're almost to our 3 year anniversary) but I still resort to sign for some things.  Also, asking him to point to what he...
I spend about $400-$450 for 2 adults, a 6-year-old who seems to be constantly going through a growth spurt, a 4-year-old who doesn't eat a whole bunch and a 1-year-old who eats a lot for a 1-year-old.  We also spend between $50-$100 a month on eating out, usually less.   We do not eat organic.  I shop at Costco for disposable diapers and wipes, soda when it's cheaper there (yeah, I could do without that but I won't), trash bags, toilet paper, etc.  I try to only go...
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