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I agree with Bebebradford.  Also, carbs are likely to make her gain more weight since you're so concerned about that (I wouldn't be.)  Hard boiled eggs, nuts, nut butters would probably go a long way with her.    Why do you think she's gluten intolerant?  And I've probably missed it, but how big/old is the child?
Those are our rules.  Our kids are 6, 4 and 1.  Oh also, if you ask for more milk, you need to finish the food on your plate.  The 4-year-old would be happy to live off of almond milk if we let him.
Dd goes to a Pre-K through 8 school and is in Kindergarten.  They get 25 minutes to eat, followed by a 15 minute recess.  Starting in 1st grade, they do recess first and then eat to cut down on the rushing.  It's a small school, one class per grade, so the lunch line moves fast and at most, there's only three classes in there at a time (if we were full, that'd be about 66 kids, but I think we only have one full class in the entire school.)  
The library is the only place I use my sit and stand stroller which is huge and a PITA.  BUT, I can load that thing up with books and my 4-year-old when he starts freaking out about having to leave (he loves the library!)  It's perfect.  When he was younger, I'd take our regular stroller so that when it was time to check out, he wouldn't bolt out the door.  It might have looked odd at the music time thing we went to, but it was so awesome for making sure he didn't get...
My kids attend a private school that gets the Jr. K and Sr. K uniforms from http://www.classroomuniforms.com/shop/category_style.php?category=30005 I love them and they seem to hold up pretty well.  Good luck!  
Yes, small children all over the world work hard every day and are expected to walk home.  Doesn't mean those parents would relish the opportunity to take some of that load off! How do you know they were staying right next to the beach?  Why do you think they were more attached to their gear than the children?  Did both the stroller and the children unexpectidly head for the water and they rescued the stroller and let the children sink?  And truthfully, I'm more amazed at...
At 3, I would say the words for dd.  She was so painfully shy that if I'd asked her to say anything, she'd cry.  Now at 6, she'll say hello, good bye, thank you and please to people she doesn't know without prompting.  She's still really shy and says it quietly, but it's something.  Dh and I were also painfully shy has children, so we can both understand and know what it felt like if people pushed us (HORRIBLE!!!)  At 3, I don't think dd would talk to her grandfather at...
Ds2 is 14 months and has been getting apples for about 6 months.  I just slice it and take off the skin.  As for carrot, I just shred it up like I would for a salad.  And only give him a little (cause he'll happily stuff it all in his mouth!)   ETA: And as for poop, some days I can tell what he ate, others I can't.  And a lot of the time it depends on the food, not just the age.  There are still some days when I can tell what my 4-year-old has eaten.  Gross.
http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3698863&searchURL=false    We have this one and I love it.  It's fairly light, not super, but better than a lot of the other bulky ones.  Do you have a BabiesRUs or like store near you?  I had to go try them out to find which one I liked best and which one dh liked best.      
I'd call the school tomorrow and ask who you need to talk to to get your child evaluated for next year so you have a 504 plan in place at the start.  Ask for a PT eval and OT eval especially.  Chances are she'll qualify for OT based on the issue with her hands.  
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