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Dd was 5 years 2 months when we switched her to full time booster use.  We were having a new baby and she could not (still can't) buckle herself in or unbuckle herself and the idea of having to buckle three in for multiple trips a day (she's in school) was daunting.  So, since she can buckle herself in with the belt and sits apprpriatly 100% of the time the booster is perfect for us.   At the time we switched, she weighed about 45lbs but I don't recall her height at...
If it makes you feel better, we are not vegetarian and my MIL still tells me I'm not nourishing our kids enough (even though they have dh's body type- skinny and long.)  I think it's just they way MIL's are. That said, I'd rethink letting your little one stay with her if you absolutly do not want her getting meat.  Chances are, your MIL will give it to her or already has.          
My oldest got a little ride on bike toy for her first birthday.  Can't remember what my older son got but my third got a new stroller.  He has so many toys from the older two, but our stroller was shot (bought with dd) so he wasn't getting out unless he was in the sling and I wanted him to have a new perspective.  He loves it!
One car- well, it depends on who would have the car.  My dh rides his bike most of the spring and fall (or does when he's not in graduate school.)  Now with graduate school, I take him to work and then he takes the bus down to the university.  It CAN be done, but it is much more difficult and when we were 1 car and he took it to work, I went crazy cause public transportation isn't all that reliable nor does it go anywhere I want to.   Gardening isn't my domain.  Last...
Baby oatmeal makes a great oatmeal bath.  It's just the right consistency to completely dissolve in to the water.  My first hated that stuff so when I was left with the rest of the box, I decided to try it in the bath to clear up her eczema.  Worked great!
That's what I was hoping would happen, lol.  Today I went on my weekly trip and bought a box of pierogies (dh never heard of them and wanted to try them), honey roasted peanuts and a soda that weren't on my list.  And today was a good day for my impulse shopping.  
Different people will react to different things.  I react to every single detergent EXCEPT Tide.  And I'm also highly allergic to wool (I have a wool cover for ds2 and he can only wear it when he has pants or else I break out in hives.)  It sounds like you're going to have to try several different brands to see what will work for him.  Good luck!
Do you shop for all your ingredients at the beginning of the month?  Or do you just get all your meats and non-parishables and then shop for parishables once a week?   I'm trying to get our budget down and I know that the less I shop, the less I spend.  But I'm just caught up on the logistics. I'm having a hard time stepping away from the way my mother shopped (once a week, no plan) but am in a completely different situation than her (it was just me and her, but I...
NM sounds like it would be good for you.  Homeschooling is really easy here as far as I know (I'm not a homeschooler) and, as a whole, the woman of NM tend to go with midwives more often then OB's (not necessarily home births though.)  Albuquerque has a ton of homebirth midwives, but I'm not sure about other parts of the state.   Good luck.
  The state of New Mexico resinded those services and there is nothing we can do.  Homeschoolers are also no longer entitled.  There were to many kids needing services here and a huge budge shortfall, so they went after the families that can, theoretically, pay.    
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