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I got "Erin Airhead" a lot too. And I just spell my name over the phone so the name is correct at appointments. It was really annoying before I started doing that because my last name is also confused on the phone all the time even though it's a very simple and very common last name.
Glad nothing is broken but yeah had x-rays are not fun with little ones! Dh was 10 when he broke his hand and even then he says getting the x-rays were just weird and uncomfortable.
I'd go with growing pains. I remember having them as a kid and they are PAINFUL!
Accidents happen.
Is she in the middle? Can you put her in the middle? With my first two kids, we had a Dodge Neon SXT and the only way not to blind them with the sun was in the middle, and even that wasn't a guarentee. My daughter would cry and cry about it, but my son would just pull his blanket over his head (that was around 5-6 months.) It was a PITA and everyone was so happy when we got our mini-van because the sun rarely burns their eyes now!
Yup, plus we talked about vaccines and what they recommend for him. I was really suprised that they didn't think Hib would be all that beneficial for him. Really he said the only thing he'd recommend right now is MMR. I love our doctor!
Eman, according to the doctor this morning, it's a viral rash, which doesn't help much, lol. I wouldn't have taken him in except we already had the appt. He fell asleep about 2 hours ago and is still out so he's obviously got more than just a cold.
For this baby, we are planning on a crib in our room until he either turns 18 months or starts climbing out of it (ds was doing this at 10 months ) Co-sleeping will likely happen at least part time, but I'm really just hoping this guy likes his crib. Each of my children have had different sleeping needs and we try to just go along with it. Dd couldn't sleep without someone right next to her until she was about 8 months. Then you could get her to sleep and leave but the...
Blue, glad you at least have an appt. And really, December isn't to far away. So S2 has a weird rash on his chest. Not sure what it is but I won't be getting him the MMR tomorrow as a result. I'm still going to take him in to see what it is and to discuss the vax issue further with my doc but no shots tomorrow.
I get them in the middle of the night. My chiropractor said they were cause by an inbalance of calcium and magnesium, so maybe you should try taking magnesium? I also add in potassium because that worked in my first pregnancy.
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